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Brisbane salads you can make friends with

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When someone says the word ‘salad,’ you probably picture a bowl of baby spinach. You remember that Dad once ate salad (rocket leaves) along side his medium rare steak. You recall your model best friend eating lettuce for a main meal. This thought train generally ends in the same shudder from that time you saw Gran in her knickers. But, believe it or not, as much as we love our burgers, we heart the super fresh salad spots that have bounced up (geddit?) around Brisbane even more! From bland bowls of leaves, salads have transformed into to tasty concoctions of spice, cheese, meat and delightfully experimental dressings. We thank the salad gurus of Brisbane for changing the name of salad. Wilde Kitchen | Teneriffe Wilde Kitchen knows what a good salad really needs: bacon. From the broccoli and bacon to the Cajun cauliflower and bacon, there’s always something to tempt us in their cabinet. And with a decadent but guilt free brownie for after, it almost feels like a cheat meal. Botanica | Red Hill Botanica have remoulded our brains in terms of the way we think about takeaway. Dedicating themselves to a series of salads, they have raised the standards of all grocers in Brisbane. Their menu changes daily, but we can’t escape our favourite, the almighty kale salad: kale, parmesan and sourdough croutons with roasted garlic dressing. Amazing. Seriously. Loaded Food Co. | Ashgrove When it comes to fresh, nutritious salads, loaded is an understatement for this suburban spot. Packed full of greenery and superfoods, they’ll have you not just making friends with salad, but jumping into bed with it. Just try to resist picking up a cruffin while you’re there. Homeslice | Bulimba & Newmarket A daily jamboree of homemade, wholesome bites for lunch and dinner – Homeslice is our out-of-house gran (without the weird mothball scent). She cares for her food as much as she cares for her hungry children. Tuck into her infamous ‘not-so potato’ salad. We dare you. Wholesomeness | Grange There’s no excuse for not sticking to those new year’s resolutions, not when you can stop at Wholesomeness for healthy, flavoursome breakfast and pick up one of their fresh salads to go while you’re there. Nothing fake, nothing nasty, just wholesome ingredients – there’s a reason they’re called Wholesomeness after all. District 1 | Fortitude Valley If vegetables just don’t do it for you, no matter how much dressing you drown them in, try one of District 1’s vermicelli noodle salads on for size. Packed with chilli and spices, they’ll satisfy more than you ever thought a salad could, whether you opt for the fresh prawn, lemongrass chicken or (god forbid) crispy tofu. Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen | Springwood From the super sweet market stall on Brisbane’s south side to an eclectic destination hotspot, GKK has blossomed as a cafe, bakery and gallery. With each menu item crafted onsite, you get a taste of ‘home’ (New Zealand – Kiwi go-go land) with each bite. And speaking of bites, GKK’s salad bar has 12 salads – and building! #getinmymouth Rush CBD | Brisbane Hangry city workers take note, Rush may just have the meatiest, hunger-busting-est (we’re making up words we’re love them so) salads in the city. Our pick: crispy Szechuan calamari atop char-grilled broccolini, sour cherries, roasted walnuts, Persian feta with lime and mango dressing. And not a lettuce leaf to be seen. And with this refreshing information, we leaf you with your choice of salad bowls. Enjoy! Words by Ranyhyn Akui