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Brisbane locals taking on the online world

With the Brisbane food scene forever reaching new heights of deliciousness, it was only a matter of time before we could order scrumptious, locally made goodies online and have them delivered to our door. You can order shoes, phones, books and groceries online – why not culinary delights? Lying on the couch in our PJs (which is where everyone does their online shopping, right?) our cursor always seems to seek out food over fashion, and who can blame us? Not when there’s local Brisbane businesses like these just a digital shopping cart away. Lucid Sweets It’s actually kind of good for us that Lucid Sweets’ meringues and mini pavlovas need to be ordered via email. TBH, if we were faced with a shop full of these sweet, sugary morsels, we’d probably buy out the entire place and be back the next day for more. Order the treats in flavours like Turkish Delight, Cherry Ripe and Espresso for special events or just every days. Who says Friday isn’t worth celebrating with pav? Kokopod Shopping for luscious chocolates on Kokopod’s website always seems to turn from a gift buying expedition into a ‘oh, I’ll just treat myself while I’m here’ moment and before we know it, we’ve got three blocks of butter toffee chocolate and rocky road coming our way. But it’s ok, because we’re supporting local, with everything made right here in Brisbane. Little Box of Yum Haven’t got time to hit the markets every weekend and sample the artisan goodies that Australian producers are creating? Little Box of Yum will do it for you, and deliver a box of what they find to your door. Better than any magazine subscription, this monthly service will have you eating your way through the likes of New Farm Confectionary, Caramelicious and Daintree Estates chocolate. Who needs celeb goss when you have chocolate? The Coffee Post Dread those mornings you discover your coffee tin is empty? Be depresso no more, with boutique coffee beans from local roasters delivered to your door. The Coffee Post, clearly run by caffeine addicts, hunts down the best beans in Queensland and posts them to their subscribers every month. Being the helpful peeps they are, they’ll even grind them for you! Knock Knock, Booze There You’re at a party, everyone is having a good time and you suddenly discover you’ve run out of beer. Don’t panic, Knock Knock, Booze There will have a carton heading your way in a jiffy, as long as you’re still sober enough to remember your credit card details. They even have a range of boutique Australian spirits! Young Farmers It’s not all sweets and treats you can get online, Young Farmers are all about making sure your dinner is local and sustainably sourced too. Delivering boxes of grass fed beef from the Scenic Rim that make use of every cut, you’ll never buy any other meat again after tasting their gourmet sausages and tender brisket. Caveman Kitchen Spend so much time online you haven’t even got time to cook anymore? Well just power the computer up (jks, we know it’s already on) and order healthy, paleo-friendly meals from Caveman Kitchen. They’ll do all the hard stuff like shopping, cooking and dividing up into appropriate portions (the hardest part) for you, and deliver it to your door, so you have more time to spend on ASOS. Food Connect You can just skip real world shopping altogether if you add Food Connect to your home page. Sourcing everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to peanut butter and rye bread from within 400km of Brisbane, Food Connect connects farmers with food lovers. Put your order in online and then pick it up from one of the dozens of pick up locations around town. Now, who’s got a discount code for BooHoo? Words by Ranyhyn Akui