Brisbane Cocktail Bars You Need To Try In 2020

Seriously tasty Brisbane cocktail bars

Cocktail Bars Brisbane

Gettin’ swiggy with it.

Whether you prefer them shaken or stirred, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite cocktail bars (and their highlights) from across Brisbane to make your life a little easier when you’re faced with a plethora of mixes and mashups.


This sexy spot is a Brisbane institution for a reason. The only thing more impressive than this bar’s history is the beverages on offer (and the insanely talented bar team, for that matter). The sweet, buttery, coconutty concoction that is the Sunnyboy is a must-try, as is the intriguing 300 Days of Summer Wine, comprised of house shiraz, lemon myrtle sherbet and soda water. 


Drink in your Maker. Fish Lane’s hole-in-the-wall cocktail house has an ever-changing menu you’ll want to lap up, with one of our past favourite concoctions being watermelon, wasabi and dill whiskey. That being said, you can always grab a consistently slick Sazerac if you don’t want to stray from the classics


One good looking woman that won’t reject you at the bar is Mrs G – Hello Gorgeous’s signature sip. Curl up with a cocktail full of Belvedere vodka, lemon, blue Curacao, blueberry shrub and cranberry, realising that this might just be the love of your life.

Savile Row | Fortitude Valley

From the legends who also birthed Cobbler, Finney Isles and Death and Taxes (all also notable mentions) came Savile Row, hidden behind its vibrant orange door, and dishing up some of the best damn sips in town. In their signature style, this place is MOODY, with 2.5 storeys of nooks waiting to be settled in to and served up with some of the most delicious, eye-catching, and big-night-inducing cocktails you’ll ever try.


With so many unique and experimental cocktails on offer at Canvas, it’s honestly hard to narrow it down to one. With knee-slappers such as The Bogan on Logan and Fake News, the names of the drinks are nearly as good as their contents. If we HAVE to drop just one name, we’ll go with the Saturday Disney, which evokes childhood memories with Maker’s Mark, Coco Pops, milk punch and Angostura bitters.


Head to the top of Emporium for the peak of all cocktail adventures. Striving to deliver a multi-sensory experience with their sips, the team at The Terrace have carefully curated a menu to wow you. Top picks include literally everything on the menu, but the Matcha Chocolate Negroni, and the Rooftop Eastside are our MVPs. 


Jaw-dropping river views aside, this spot has a playful array of beverages for sipping and sharing. If you’re a fan of drinkable breakfasts, you might want to swap the Up ’n’ Go for this Scandinavian bad boy. Mr and Mrs G’s Nordic Breakfast cocktail will wake you up with a hit of Finlandia grapefruit vodka, Fair. kumquat liqueur, Campari, fresh mandarin, lemon, thyme, and bitters. Good morning and goodnight.


Mix ‘em, pour ‘em, and please keep ‘em coming.

Words by Nicole Portacha, Jane Bartley and Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmands who are always chasing a cocktail.