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Brisbane Bucket List | April

Whisper a few words of encouragement to your sturdiest belt: it’s time to buckle up for a month filled to the brim with lavish long weekends, Easter treats, and warming autumn menus. Between the overload of chocolate eggs and ANZAC bikkies sure to sweep the home front this April, you’ll definitely want to work your way through this irresistible list … and then maybe a few gym sessions. Our pants might unbutton if we exhale too quickly.
#1. Homemade salmon fish cakes | The Fishery | Milton
Suffering from an over-generous bunny? Take a break from this year’s chocolate haul with an Easter seafood haul from one of Brisbane’s best. One bite and you’ll be hooked.
#2. Streets Big Burger | 51st Street | CBD
Time to use those street smarts. Grab a stack of napkins and order up this tower of beef patties, cheese, bacon, egg, onion rings, and pickles.
#3. Chicken coconut curry | Hello Please | South Brisbane
Hello, please don’t judge us for ordering five of these. We don’t care if it’s autumn – this pipin’ hot bowlful is our new fave winter warmer.
#4. Stones Corner Festival | Street party | Stones Corner
Take those cravings to the streets this Sunday 30 April! We’re drooling at the lineup of street food hitting Stones Corner with its live music and craft beer. Did someone say food truck frenzy?
#5. Spiked bubble tea | Junk | South Bank
Ready to burst the conventional cocktail bubble? The edgy crowd at pan-Asian Junk have mixed the sweet, refreshing flavours of bubble tea with a stiff post-work drink. Add gin or vodka and tea up a big night out.
#6. Queenslandaarrrr | Gelato Messina | South Brisbane
For those not already doubled over with a post-Messina belly ache (what have you been doing?), the newest residents of South Brisbane are embracing the Queensland spirit with their newest special: ginger gelato with pineapple cake and Bundy rum caramel.
#7. Low and slow lamb shoulder | Seymour’s Cocktails and Oysters | Petrie Terrace
We Seymour lamb on our horizon! This Caxton Street spot has plated up an all-new menu item, and we refuse to feel sheepish about ordering a second round.
#8. Wagyu flank | La Lune Wine Co | South Brisbane
It goes without saying you’ll need some filler at Brisbane’s newest wine bar – but La Lune’s wagyu flank goes one further than the average cheese board. Meat you there.
#9. Roundhouse Kick | Brooklyn Standard| Brisbane CBD
Get ready to feel a little tipsy, ’cause Brooklyn’s new autumn cocktail menu is one to work your way from top to bottom. Our pick? This bad boy – a butter, toasted coconut fat-wash of Chivas, Jameson, fresh lemon, home made apricot jam and Ango bitters… topped with skewered toffee popcorn. *Melts.*
#10. Taro Bingsoo | Passion Tree| Brisbane CBD
Dessert-mind blown. Passion Tree has a new-comer on the dessert menu called the Taro Bingsoo and features a big old cup full of shaved ice, toasted almonds, crunchy nuts, red bean, Taro ice cream, matcha mochi, white marble chocolate and taro sauce. Don’t worry – you’ve got plenty of time for those food comas this month. Words by Samantha Chariton