Where To Find Brisbane's Best Espresso Martinis

Brisbane’s Best Espresso Martinis

Espresso Martinis Brisbane


In the mornings, it’s our happiness (and half our personality), providing unrealistic expectations of productivity and ensuring the safety of coworkers. But after 5pm (and occasionally by lunchtime), we need something more than coffee.

So combining booze and coffee for an evening caffeine hit? Double happiness.  Whether you need to escape the daily grind or fortify yourself for a long night, sip your way through the best espresso martinis on offer at cocktail bars around Brisbane. 

Heya Bar | Fortitude Valley

Heya Bar’s salted caramel martini is a brewtiful sight, complete with vodka, coffee, TMD salty caramel, condensed milk, and topped with a caramel swirl. It’s like your childhood winter treat and grown-up fave all rolled into one. 

Coppa Spuntino | CBD

Coppa Spuntino’s classic Speziato Espresso Martini, with spiced rum, Kahlua, espresso, and salted caramel are made even more delicious by the selection of delectable snacks and desserts on offer. Order a cheese plate perhaps, or a panna cotta, and pretend you’re on holiday in Tuscany. 

Cloudland | Fortitude Valley

Will it have you on cloud nine? Yes it will. But you won’t remember how you got there. You don’t need to remember a fancy alternative cocktail name, just ask for an espresso martini and you will get to sip one of Brisbane’s finest in one of Brisbane’s most luxe venues. 

Cru Bar | Fortitude Valley

Round up your cru and head on down to Cru Bar for your choice of four espresso martinis – cappuccino, Patron XO, pep up and tiger blood. Ease yourself into your espresso martini mini-tour with the cappuccino, which is a gentle mix of Belvedere, Baileys, cream, sugar syrup and an espresso shot. Once you’re ready, work your way through the list. It’ll be the good kind of hurt. 

Sixteen Antlers | CBD

Take a walk on the wild side with an Antlers Forrest. We’re talking Belvedere vodka, Chambord, Crème de Cacao, Kahlua and, you guessed it, espresso. Sixteen Antlers is an urban rooftop jungle, making for one hell of an adventure.

Crafted Coffee Co. | Robina (a sneaky GC shoutout)

It seems that good things come in TENS. Crafted Coffee Co. is gracing us with ten (yeah) espresso martinis – including the Crafted Coffee Co. cold drip martini. A mouthful in every sense, you’ve got Crafted Coffee Co. cold drip, Ketel One vodka, white chocolate liqueur and sugar syrup, and vanilla mist. Theatrical af. 

Friday’s Riverside | CBD

Feeling depresso after your day? Head to Friday’s by the river where the only thing more buoying than the espresso martinis is the fairy lit tree on the rooftop giving way to a view of the twinkling Story Bridge. Mixing vodka, Patron XO and espresso (of course), it’ll mocha you happy in no time. 

Espresso patronum yourself into a good mood! 

Words by Taylare Maddern and Nicole Portacha
- the gourmands that invented the java jungle.