Brisbane's Best Dessert Cocktails

Brisbane's Best Dessert Cocktails

Dessert Cocktails Brisbane

While the concept of dessert cocktails may have our office more divided than the nation’s opinion on Nick Cummins, there’s one thing we can agree on – we don’t care much for The Bachelor.

Whether you’re sweet as pie or salty af, pick your poison with our pick of Brisbane’s dessert cocktails.

Mecca Bah | Fortitude Valley

There’s nothing like a classic baked apple pie – except for an apple pie cocktail with vanilla vodka, sour apple liqueur and butterscotch schnapps. After something sweeter? Delight your senses with the Turkish Delight Martini, made with gin, triple sec, crème de cacao, cranberry juice and rosewater.

Cowch | South Brisbane

It’s hard to make a moove when you’re grazing over the Cowch menu, but when you’re presented with drinks like candy margaritas, the Jaffa with Cointreau and chocolate liqueur, and the Lemon Cheesecake with limoncello and cream, we can’t blame you for taking your time.

Corbett & Claude | VARIOUS

Send off your pizza with a healthy serving of the Tira Miss You cocktail. A tasty concoction of Frangelico, Baileys, butterscotch schnapps and espresso, you’ll be looking back the second you leave.

Comuna Cantina | CBD

Comuna Cantina’s Candyman cocktail with elderflower and pomegranate liqueur, raspberry, and a candy rim makes us want to buy a one-way ticket to Bountyland. And if it’s your party (or even if you’re just extra), It’s Yo Birthday’s vodka and crème de cacao blend is complete with whipped cream, party sprinkles and a sparkler.

Bar Pacino | CBD

We’re already well acquainted with the espresso martini. Our hearts race at the thought of a glass or two (it may just be muscle memory), but Bar Pacino’s salted caramel twist on the classic is unforgettable.

Sazerac Bar | CBD

Feeling pretty? Oh, so pretty? Tux into a glass of the sweet Pink Tuxedo, mixed with Lillet rose, pasteque watermelon liqueur, Oyster Bay rosé and cherry bitters.

Infinite Dessert Bar | Palm Beach

We recommend literally everything from Palm Beach’s new dessert bar, but we can’t stop thinking about their salted caramel and toffee martini. It’s just that good.

Little Mermaid | Gold Coast

Everything about Little Mermaid is magical, but their Passionfruit Brûlée is breaking barriers with its brûlée top. Made with gin, lemon, and passionfruit, we’re cracking down on this sweet treat, spoons at the ready.

Glenelg House | Gold Coast

Rich, smooth and slightly spicy, Glenelg House’s Chilli Chocolate Martini is everything we aspire to be. Could you resist a mix of chilli infused vodka, Frangelico, cacao, cream and chocolate?


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Enjoy, sweet thang.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who believes the sweeter, the better.