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Bringing the Big Tastes of Shanghai

I have always lived by an ancient Chinese saying that combines my love of life and food into four perfect words: eat first, talk later. If you’re silent whilst eating, then you know it’s bloody good food. We’re sure you’ll be deadly quiet at the newly opened Bamboo Basket at Portside Wharf.

The existing restaurant on Grey Street in South Bank is well-known for its variety and eminence of authentic cuisine that is both tasty and affordable. This popular Chinese restaurant showcases northern-style Chinese meals, specifically creating some delectable dumplings and hand-pulled noodles. Want to try out China’s secret speciality? Bamboo Basket brings you its signature dish Xiao Long Bao: steamed Shanghai style pork dumplings with a salivating soup filling and a side of noodles made fresh in front of your very eyes. For some eating entertainment, the open kitchen is a big hit as customers can watch professionally trained chefs roll out dough, fill and pinch dumplings and make noodles right in the vicinity. The menu features an array of northern delicacies for your more cultured taste buds. Try out some Peking duck or Shandong pork dumplings which have been designed to fit any vegetarian or gluten free diet. The modern twist to the traditional yum cha dish will have you and your friends asking for more to take away (I mean, who doesn’t like Chinese for lunch or even breakfast the next day?) which is available to all customers along with a la carte menu options. Whether you’re stopping by for a lunchtime special or a giant dinner bash with a group of friends, Bamboo Basket should be your first choice for authentic and quality Chinese food. You better hurry as the queue is usually spilling out the door. Maybe grab a panda (or five) to help you wrestle the crowd away for that flawless dumpling. You know you can’t resist!   Hannah Twiggs