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Breakfast pasta is finally a thing

We bet you didn’t believe your mother when she said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, but the meal will be moving up your to do list once you hear about the new trend sweeping Brisbane cafés – breakfast pasta. Yep, your favourite evening feed of carbonara, lasagne and macaroni is now acceptable morning food! So this weekend, grab two of your closest friends (or maybe seventeen friends because nobody knows how to measure pasta) and stuff your face with these breakfast pastas.
The Windsor Larder | Windsor
We know how much you love gnocchi and, with those fluffy morsels of potato, who wouldn’t? So why wait until dinner to get on them when you can have it for breakfast at Windsor Larder? Get their pan-fried ricotta gnocchi with chorizo, poached egg and sauce vierge with a side of greens, and you’ll practically be halfway to your 2-and-5 intake before you even start your day.
Morning After | West End
You know how good carbonara tastes the morning after when you’re hungover AF? Well, this West End café has gone one step further, dishing up breakfast carbonara! The dish sees pappardelle, 63 degree eggs, field mushrooms, guanciale and pecorino romano in one glorious pile of hangover curing carbs.
Blockhouse Eat + Drink | Nundah
Crispy fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls with bacon jam for breakfast? Talk about a dream come true! Blockhouse Eat + Drink’s brunch version of the American classic is a true pasta-piece – at lease until you’ve completely demolished it and are rubbing your belly in content.
Loaded Food Co | Ashgrove
Breakfast. Lasagne. Need we say more? Loaded with bacon, eggs and more cheese than you thought could be consumed at breakfast, you can have it hot, have it cold, or take it home for that 3am case of drunken hanger you know you’re going to have this weekend. If the carbonara is calling your name, and the gnocchi is knocking at your door, hurry down to these Brisbane cafes because you don’t want to feel regretti for not getting that spaghetti! Words by Kate Stevens Image by Judit Losh