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Bow before the new Empire of Chicken

It’s no secret that the people of Brisbane love chicken.

Whether it’s roasted, skinless, spicy, saucy or crunchy– we want it all, and we want it now. Like an adrenaline junkie seeking our next thrill, we are always on the hunt for the best chicken Brisbane has to offer.

Enter the Empire Hotel, one of Brisbane’s most celebrated historic sites and home to Brisbane’s newest cluckin’ good time. Empire Chicken has settled into roost with a menu featuring rotisserie style chicken served in meals, burgers and salads.

The winner for us? The quarter chicken, chips and salad for just $10. We wanna make this our lunch every day! Empire Chicken Salad Chips

They aren’t just serving up their namesake either, expect exceptional starters like salt and pepper squid and arancini balls. Never paltry, and not just poultry, Empire Chicken has a drink selection as long as your ‘wing’ to accompany your feast. With tap beers, cocktails, wines and over 80 rums, sourced both locally and internationally, there is something for anyone. Beef Burger

So for chicken worth crossing Brunswick Street for, look no further. Whether you’re a dedicated chicken enthusiast, or a beef burger is more up your alley, don’t get in a flap – start your night or day right with Empire Chicken.

Open Monday – Saturday, 11:30am-10.30pm.

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Words by Emma Callaghan