Christmas Gift Ideas: Foodie Books

Books to gift your foodie friends

Christmas Gifts: Books

What’s cookin’ good bookin’?

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but who seriously has time to sit down and properly skim through to decide whether they’re worth the dollars?

To save you wasting two kinds of paper and angrily settling for a dinner of soy choccy milk straight from the carton (speaking from experience? What makes you say that…) we’ve made an A+ list of books to gift your foodie friends!

Shared Table | Clare Scrine

This one’s bound to get you in the good books. Shared Table is a locally-produced, crowdfunded vegetarian cookbook with an emphasis on low waste and sustainability. Clare’s created a plethora of budget-friendly, leftovers-friendly and taste-friendly dishes that are good the environment, and everything from a solo dinner to a family feast. We’re ready to get the party started with her loaded baked brie – because cheese is always a yes please.

The Noma Guide to Fermentation | David Zilber and René Redzepi

Read it and weep pure tears of joy, because you’re about to get savvy with home-brewed kombucha. David and René are the powerhouse team behind noma, four times named the world’s best restaurant – so not a big deal at all, huh? These two crafty kids are going to teach your mates the ropes of fermentation, with everything from misos, vinegars, and black fruits and vegetables dancing off the page and into your kitchen.

Meat | Anthony Puharich

Your carnivore pals are about to meat their maker. Anthony is going to teach them to eat better quality meat, but less of it, and why they should eat the whole animal (and nothing but the animal).  Over 110 recipes and know-how about the art of butchering await in a beautifully illustrated cookbook that is very well-done.

Grow. Food. Anywhere | Mat Pember & Dillon Seitchick-Reardon

Backyard to balcony, these boys will show your foodie friends how to grow their own. Split into three sections, eager beavers will learn what plants need, all about fruits and vegetables, and how to get rid of pests. Their green thumbs are going to get a proper workout.

Simple | Yotam Ottolenghi

This Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller best get you a free meal when you go to visit your gifted foodie friend. Yotam is back at it again with 130 brand new recipes for those who are short on time, include 10 ingredients or less, and are full of lazy, easy and make-ahead morsels. Simples!

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan) | Mo Wyse & Shannon Martinez

Veganism is anything but boring, and Mo and Shannon have colourfully laid that out for the world to see! A book full of plant-based substitutes of carnivorous staples, including Spanish meatballs and tuna and green pea croquettes, have changed the game for the good of your kitchen and the planet. This, big, bold binch is definitely worth a purchase, with over 80 recipes to garden through!

At My Table | Nigella Lawson

T is for table. Your fave kitchen temptress has thrived with her latest cookbook, focussing on meals set to impress friends and family (or a very hungry solo). Foodie fiends will fan-girl over Nigella’s recipe to the perfect chicken fricasse, sticky toffee pudding, and chilli mint lamb cutlets, while you can sit back, relax, and hopefully reap the benefits without lifting a finger.

I Quit Sugar: Simplicious Flow | Sarah Wilson

The sweetest, anxious superhero is going to show your struggling mates how to press pause on anxious spirals, just by cutting back on sugar. Over 348 recipes, tips and tricks take on a zero-waste cooking format so that you can have your naturally sweetened cake and eat it too (down to the very last banana peel). There are plenty of savoury dishes too, making for the perfect balance, and gift.

Basics to Brilliance Kids | Donna Hay

Get those kids into the kitchen thanks to Donna Hay. A bunch of family-friendly recipes for birthday parties, bake sales, beach days and beyond have been packed into one convenient cookbook that’ll make your friend’s life that much easier.

If a booklet seems close enough to a book for you, feel free to grab our Season’s Eatings pack here. She’s full of deals and freebies to use at your fave eateries throughout Brisbane! Noice.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who enjoys long walks on the beach and curling up and crying with a good cookbook (because she can’t afford any of the ingredients)

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