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Best Late Night Dining Brisbane

Late night dining

It’s midnight. You’ve skipped dinner and gone straight to post-work beers and the realisation that lunch was a long time ago has just hit you.

You start to mentally list your options – quarter pounder or dodgy kebab? Chicken nuggets or onion rings from HJ’s? Fear not friend, midnight doesn’t mean it’s time to finish the night with food poisoning just yet, we’ve got some of Brisbane’s best late night dining haunts.

Heya | Fortitude Valley

Descend down the staircase, away from the chaos of the Valley and into a different kind of chaos – Heya. Open until 3am and inspired by the hidden bars of Golden Gai and the markets of South East Asia, the hospitality favourite offers up tasty pan-Asian bites long into the night. Forget the maccas cheeseburger and tuck into cheeseburger springrolls or karaage popcorn. Wash them down with a beer and challenge your mates to a few rounds of pool – loser shouts the next round of gyoza! Late night dining

Farrier | Fortitude Valley

Hidden away underneath the Queen Arms hotel is the stylish – yet unpretentious, Farrier Bar + Supper Club. With top shelf spirits and wine, craft beer and a wide selection of street eats and larger meals, Farrier is a shoe in for one of the best late-night dining spots in Brisbane. The cabbage and chive dumplings will get you gyoza-ing, or get stuck into some crispy eggplant bao – how bao dat?

Kitchen at Treasury | CBD

Take a gamble on something other than the blackjack tables and high roller your way into Kitchen – this home-style diner is open until 1am Friday/Saturday and midnight the rest of the week. Dig into pork, seafood or duck ramen – or get your burger fix with grilled chicken or Angus beef, bacon and cheese burgers, teamed with fries. Soak up those ill-fated tequila shots with a margarita or pepperoni pizza and smash your way through some sweet potato fries – you’ll thank us in the morning. Late night dining

Funny Funny | CBD

Equally as popular with the post-work crowd as it is with people searching for the perfect post-big night meal – Funny Funny is as fun as its name suggests. With a menu as extensive as it its interesting (beef intestines, spam and blood sausage feature in some of the hot pots) the late-night Korean never disappoints. We can’t look past the Korean triple-fried chicken – KFC has nothing on this! Team it with a couple of Hite beers and a shot or two of soju and you’ll be ready to go!

Greaser | Fortitude Valley

If the T-Birds were a bar, they would be Greaser. Weave your way through a back alley, past the commercial kitchen and into the dimly lit basement bar. The walls are covered in vintage photos, the spirits are flowing and the classic diner fare is some of Brisbane’s best. Cheeseburgers or fried chicken? It’s a pickle you’re going to want to find yourself in. Speaking of which, it’s not a visit to Greaser without one of their legendary whisky picklebacks. Late night dining

Tomcat | Fortitude Valley

They swear they’re not a strip club, and since we’ve never had a pizza as good as theirs at Cabaret Club, we think they might be telling the truth. With options like pepperoni, margarita and Mediterranean available whole or by the slice – Tomcat has taken a pizza our heart. They’re also available for takeaway, so they’re perfect for when all you want is your bed and to forget about that hangover you know is just a few hours away. (Pro tip – leave some in the fridge, or just on the pillow next to you for when that bad boy kicks in.)

Put down the nuggets, step away from the snack pack and embrace some food that you would actually enjoy eating sober.

Words by Emma Callaghan