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The best eats of Eat Street

Eat Street Brisbane

As the name suggests, you’ll want to pack an extra pair of baggy pants in preparation for a trip down this food-filled paradise.

We’re not entirely certain that the FBI isn’t monitoring thoughts, because Eat Street Northshore is something straight out of our dreams. But then again, Chris Hemsworth hasn’t whisked us away on horseback (yet), so the jury’s out on that one.

With a smorgasbord of lifestyle stalls, live entertainment, and more food than you can shake a fork at, it’s not hard to see why this riverside foodie marketplace is one of our all-time faves – and we’ve gathered our picks of the best Eat Street has to offer.

Kombi Alley

As you walk through the valley of the shadow of diets, you’ll take a look at your life, and realise there’s something missing. And that something is a Unicone cronut cone with white choc ganache, sprinkles, and 8-flavour soft serve. As well as the answer to, “where is everyone getting those giant doughnut pretzels from?”, Kombi Alley is the vibrant dessert hub serving everything from loaded doughnut fries to brownie pizza cookies. Sorry, waistline.


This popular stall proves that potatoes are (literally) the most versatile vegetable with their potato slinky. Deep-fried to perfection, enjoy the classic treat with your choice of salt – and with fast-moving lines, you’ll have one in your hands before you know it.


Eat Street Brisbane

Locomades Honey Puff Bar

You can’t leave Eat Street before you’ve made a bee-line for Locomades Honey Puff Bar. There’s a reason these sweet treats are some of Eat Street’s most popular, and with loaded flavours like passionfruit, Nutella, and white chocolate topped honey puffs, you’ll bee back for more. Bzzz.

Ela Greeko

We pita the fool that hasn’t tried Ela Greeko’s famous Yiros. Packed with tender lamb, chicken, or halloumi, and smothered with fresh fries, you’ll be rapt as soon as you get your hands around one. And between us, their halloumi fries and feta chips make for great sides. Just sayin’.

Miss Flossy

We’re not talking about Fergie-ferg, but these drinks are just as flossy. With everything from pineapple sangrias to pink passion with a shot of real passionfruit, your thirst is quenched.

The Byron Gelato

Direct from Byron Bay, this creamy, homemade gelato is a definite must try. If you thought it couldn’t get better than a cone of fresh meringue, rocky road, or pistachio gelato, we’ve got news for you – ice cream tacos are a thing. And they’re glorious.


Eat Street Brisbane

Salty Sailor

They may be salty, but after you’ve had a taste of their fresh, Aussie fish and beer battered chips, you won’t be. Feeling fancy? Grab a few Moreton Bay bugs with garlic butter, fresh lime, and chips, for only $15!

Pizza & Pasta

For authentic Italian flavours, you’ll want to stop by the aptly named Pizza & Pasta. Think fresh pasta Bolognese, gnocchi, and carbonara, or stop by for wood-fired pizza.

Tokyo Tucka

We’re a sucka for Tokyo Tucka. Their pork gyoza, chicken karaage, creamy crab croquettes, and grilled scallops are some of our fave eats in the whole of the street, and we can’t go past their classic Japanese curry.

We’ve got our napkins at the ready.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who frequents Eat Street very often.