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The Brisbane breakfast bucket list

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Brisbane Breakfast

Forget sky diving, climbing Everest and learning another language – our bucket list involves eating our way through every single breakfast Brisbane has to offer.

We know it’s a lost cause, with all those seasonal menu changes and delicious new cafes opening every second weekend, but that’s not going to stop us giving it a red hot go. After all, what are Sundays for?

So, after sampling more than we’d care to admit, we’ve rounded up our favourite Brisbane breakfast spots you should tick off, one for every Sunday of the year.

In no particular order (how could we choose between them?), here are the best breakfasts in Brisbane!


Let Minnow Café | Clayfield | Mexicano Benedicto

Wake me up before you Mexi-go-go. Let Minnow’s Benedicto is stacked with chipotle hollandaise, spinach, poached eggs, herbed corn salsa, sweet corn and haloumi fritters, and your choice of mixed mushrooms, bacon or smoked salmon.

My Mistress Clayfield | Oh my Geisha

Say thank you mistress for a Japanese style cabbage pancake with bacon, fried egg, Kewpie mayo, house made otafuku sauce, nori, pickled ginger, dried shallots, chilli and bonito flakes.

Hansell and Gretel Gaythorne | The Bogan Burger

For a brekkie that’d have Kath & Kim saying ‘baby cheezus,’ head over to Hansell and Gretel to grab The Bogan Burger, a fried egg with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce on buttered Turkish toast with hash browns on the side. 

Elixir Café Stafford | Tiramisu French Toast

Mis u already. Tuck into French toasted brioche with whipped mascarpone and Elixir coffee-choc crème, finished with Elixir coffee-infused maple syrup, smashed meringue, raspberries and chocolate shards.

The Low Road Café Windsor | Breakfast Spaghetti 

For a good ol’ spag bowl, don’t forget to hit up The Low Road Café’s breakfast spaghetti, which comes with melty parmesan and basil on sourdough toast.

Willow & Spoon Wilston | Old Boy

Let’s go old sport. Baack it up on lamb and rosemary sausages with polenta, master stock gravy and a poached egg.

Blockhouse | Nundah | Prawn Waffles

Easy, tiger. Local tiger prawns paired with charred corn and roasted capsicum waffle, créme fraiche and lime salsa will really get your morning off to a swimming start.

Fuel & Co. | Nundah | Cauliflower Pakoras

Brekkie in full bloom looks like this – battered cauliflower florets with rich beetroot puree and natural yoghurt, sprinkled with chilli and served with poached eggs.


King Arthur | Fortitude Valley | Summer Pasta

Swap summertime sadness with happiness thanks to brekkie orecchiette, mixed with hock, fresh peas, confit lemon and parsley. 

Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba | Breakfast Risotto

For a meal that packs a yummy punch, hit up the Pawpaw Café’s breakfast risotto, which contains brown rice, pearl barley, Israeli couscous, sundried tomato, dill, grilled seeds, parmesan, dill sour cream and crispy kale.

Victoria Park Bistro Herston | Asian Duck Salad

Morning people will love the coconut and chia bircher with seasonal fruit and honey roasted macadamias, while more adventurous diners (and ‘grammers) will be thrilled by the Asian duck salad with toasted rice, peanuts, and Korean chilli sauce topped with a perfectly fried egg.

Plum Tucker | Red Hill | Toffee Apple Waffles

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but your dentist might need a ring after this sweet boi – toasted waffles served with caramelised baked apple, coconut crunch, dulce de leche and ice cream drizzled with Canadian maple.

Little Loco New Farm | Mushrooms on Toast

You’ll go loco for damn good thyme roasted mushrooms on toast, sharing the spotlight with hummus, pesto, feta, kale, dukkah and two poached eggs on rye.

Miss JonesNew Farm | Lloyd’s Breakfast 

Little Loco’s little sister, Miss Jones’ Lloyd’s Breakfast is super delicious and unique (ham and cheddar waffles anyone?). It also comes with bacon, poached eggs, spinach, tomato relish and avo on sourdough.

The Brunswick Project | New Farm | Grilled Haloumi

Halou, is it mi you’re looking for? Say g’day to grilled haloumi with a potato rösti, roasted beetroots, spiced labneh, poached egg, and lime and pomegranate dressing.

Moray Café | New Farm | Brunch Gnocchi and Breakfast Cocktails

It’s a knockout (we would say gnocch out, but we physically can’t anymore) – soft rolled gnocchi is shakshuka style sauce, soft poached egg, crumbled feta and crisp flat bread. Top it all off with a mimosa or espresso martini.

Darling & Co. | Paddington | Spanner Crab Omelette

Throw a spanner into your usual breakfast routine with this twist on the classic omelette, topped with green papaya, coriander and chilli.

Kettle & Tin | Paddington | Bánh Xèo 

As if Bánh Xèo’s translation, ’sizzle cake’, wasn’t enough to make us come running, this brekkie dish is a Vietnamese-style cake with prawns, fresh herbs, and nuóc chấm sauce inside.

Sassafras Paddington | Ricotta Hot Cakes 

Crunchy house-made honeycomb butter atop soft, ricotta hotcakes, drizzled with maple syrup. Enough said.

Scout Café | Petrie Terrace | Blueberry Bagel 

Basically a doughnut for breakfast, Scout Café’s blueberry bagel with peaches and cream schmear is so good, you’ll be going in for seconds (and thirds!)

The Charming Squire | South Brisbane | Breakfast Bruschetta 

It’s the pile of crispy fried haloumi on top of this beetroot and pumpkin bruschetta that won our hearts – but their weekends specials are pretty epic, too!

Morning After | West End | Carbonara 

They may have offended all Italians, but the cheesy carbonara with 63-degree eggs, field mushrooms, smoked pancetta and manchego is our idea of breakfast heaven.

Miss Bliss | West End | Mango Chia Pudding

Find your bliss with a healthy start of mango chia pudding, packed with tropical granola, watermelon ginger jelly and coconut labneh.

Billykart | West End | Aussie Asian Eggs 

A little bit exotic, a whole lot filling, this plate comes with prawns, bacon, deep fried egg, oyster sauce, chilli, and shiso cress.

Lokal + Co | West End | Ricotta and Mulberry Dumplings

Don’t use up all your attention taking in the uber chic Scandinavian vibe around you, or your breakfast buddy might just steal a bite of these dumplings doused in sour cherry sauce with ginger nut crumble.

Plenty | West End | Breakfast Bowl

There’s plenty to choose from on the ever-changing Plenty menu, but currently we’re head over heels for the breakfast bowl with pearl barley, charred broccoli, tomatoes, Gusty Ferments sauerkraut, tarator and poached eggs.

The Gunshop Café | West End | Potato and Feta Hash Cakes 

One of The Gunshop’s classics, these fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside hash cakes are topped with herbed sour cream, baby spinach and fresh tomatoes.


Little Clive | Annerley | Vanilla Pancakes

Got a serious sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast? Little Clive will change your life with their fluffy vanilla pancakes with blueberry compote, bacon, and blueberry and thyme maple syrup.

Penny Coffee Co | Dutton Park | Piña Colada Panna Cotta

We’ll take one without getting caught in the rain. Slide your spoon into smooth panna cotta with coconut cashew granola, minted pineapple, seasonal fruit and a piña colada pour. 

Café O-Mai | Annerley | Breakfast Pho 

A traditional Vietnamese street breakfast, this comforting, spicy soup is packed with rice noodles, bean sprouts, basil and lemon. And served right up until 2pm if you can’t handle it too early in the morning.

Deedot Coffee House | Holland Park West | Zucchini Fritters

Take a walk on the light side with Deedot’s feta, dill and zucchini fritters, joined by watercress, miso-glazed pumpkin, poached eggs and hollandaise.

Lady Marmalade | Stones Corner | The LM Gringo

 Ay my amigos, the LM Gringos aren’t just any waffles. This combination of chilli cheese cornbread waffle with savoury mince, avocado, chorizo, black beans, fried eggs and sour cream will have your taste buds singing in no time!

Hyde Away Café | Yeronga | Chocolate Orange Porridge

The fluffiest porridge you’ll ever eat, chock full of cocoa oats and orange segments, and topped with cocoa nibs and muesli.


Picnic Café | Camp Hill | Tim Tam Pancakes

Wham bam, thank you ma’am. Tim Tam pancakes will change your life as bites of mixed berry coulis, strawberries, Nutella, salted popcorn and vanilla bean ice cream hit your palate.

Florence Café | Camp Hill | Cannoli

The one, the cannoli – stuffed with whipped vanilla ricotta, burnt orange, macadamia and citrus syrup. Holy moly.

Where the Wolves Eat | Morningside | Croque-madame

Oui are all about a cheeky French toastie! Crack into a croque-madame made on egg dipped sourdough, and filled with house mustard, gruyere, leg ham, fried egg and cauliflower piccalilli.

Microlot | Hawthorne | Mushroom Toastie

You’ll like it a Microlot. Buttered mushrooms, basil, Swiss cheese and fried egg topper on rye will be the toastie of your eye. 

Dramanti | Wynnum | Daily Rotation

Forget seasonal menu changes, Dramanti does it on the daily. Expect fresh, local produce in the form of hummus smashed avo, waffles, or who the heck knows! Just go and know that you’ll be impressed.

Bellissimo | Bullimba | Avo and haloumi on toast

Don’t blame it on the economy, blame it on the avo. Proving that smashed avo doesn’t need to cost much more than your morning coffee, Bellissimo’s staple avo and haloumi on toast is only $8 (and it’s gooood). Come at us.


Wild Canary | Brookfield | Gardener’s Breakfast 

Feast on a generous plate of bacon steak, debrecener sausage, mushrooms, poached free range eggs, garden greens, spiced Moroccan tomato relish and sourdough toast.

Smoked Paprika | Bardon | Smoked Paprika Breakfast 

Spice up your morning with Hungarian beef goulash on turkish with poached eggs, hollandaise, rocket, cherry truss tomatoes and grilled haloumi.

Goodness Gracious Café | Graceville | Malt and Black Sesame Waffles

You’ll want to book in a special date for this concoction of malt waffles with sesame crunch, black sesame panna cotta and seasonal fresh fruits.

Piggy Back Cafe | Jindalee | Dippy Eggs

Rip it and dip into soft-boiled eggs with haloumi chips, avocado, spinach, chilli jam and toast soldiers.

The Corner Store Café | Toowong | Cherry Pie Waffles  

So much more than your average corner store, this Brisbane staple is serving up cherry pie waffles with vanilla and mascarpone ice cream, maple and bacon crumb and fairy floss.

Pitch + Fork | Toowong | Cajun Fried Chicken French Toast

Mother clucker. This French toast is tapping into its savoury side with a bit of brioche, maple syrup, bacon and espresso jam, Sriracha aioli and a fried egg complimenting the best cooked chook in the book.

Are these enough reasons to ditch your morning Weetbix for the year? We think so.

Did we miss your fave Brisbane breakfast spot? Let us know via email at so we can include them in the next round!

Words by Nicole Portacha and Ranyhyn Akui
- the gourmands who wake up on the right side of the bread