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Best bars in Brisbane to beat the heat

It’s this time of year that we all sit around our lounge rooms, sticking to the usually comfortable leather couch, lamenting the rest of the world posting photos onto social media of dancing in the snow, drinking pumpkin spice lattes (what even?) and wearing the most adorable matching beanie scarf combination ever, while you take another sip of your iced coffee (which very quickly became just coffee), and wipe your brow with a hanky. It’s freaking hot. But forgo the usual Brisbane pub hang, in the beer garden, sweating your arses off, for one of these, more summer suitable locations we have compiled for you. Bar Alto | New Farm Bar Alto makes the Tuscan sun and the Brisbane sun one and the same, but has a summer advantage in its prime spot over the Brisbane River. Situate yourself on the deck where the breeze meets your brow as the wine hits your lips, order a tiramisu tradizionale and you’ll realise you’re in heaven. Riverbar & Kitchen | CBD You can’t jump in the Brisbane River, so you may as well seduce your summer senses beside it. What better way to celebrate the Australian summer than by enjoying an array of summer inspired drinks, late lunch, afternoon treats or dinner at this waterside destination? Order a plate of snow crab bruschetta, avocado and radish for one hand and a jug of lychee mojito (um, yum!) for the other and you’ll be embracing the summer heat in no time! Sonny’s House of Blues | CBD What’s better than a basement bar when you’re looking for a cool spot rehydrate? A basement bar with freezing air-conditioning and boozey slushies! Sonny’s House of Blues is a grungy new dive bar from the legends behind Lefty’s, specializing in 80s rock ‘n’ roll, Mexican feeds and tequila. You’ll find us in a corner with nachos and an ice cold Blue Lagoon. brisbaneundergroundbarswalrusclubThe Walrus Club | Toowong Hidden beneath the floorboards of the Regatta Hotel, is one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets, The Walrus Club. They invite you to partake in prohibition inspired, speakeasy finery (and a very chilled cellar feel), and share in glass, after cocktail, after shot of their finest rum, with only your most trusted friends. What’s cooler than being underground? Grape Therapy | Brisbane CBD Grapes turn into wine, which turns into a glass of wine, which turns into a whole afternoon at Grape Therapy escaping the heat and getting sozzled, right? This very snazzy wine merchant and drinking den brings basement class to the CBD. While you’re at it, spoil yourself in sophisticated surrounds with a little cheese therapy, throw in a few classy glassies of bubbles, a couple of scotch on the rocks and you’ve got yourself a date. Greaser | Fortitude Valley If greasy (from sunscreen, obvs) is how you’re feeling, then Greaser is where you really want to be. Beneath the streets in Fortitude Valley, in digs fit to hide Ponyboy from the socs and hide you from the heat, Greaser are waiting for you to order some quintessentially American chow. With drinks served ice cold, spend some time underground and party like you’re from another era, when they didn’t count their calories and the ozone layer wasn’t quite as unforgiving. brisbanebarstoescapetheheattwigandberryTwig & Berry | Newstead A cocktail bar so hidden not even the sun can find it. Kick back with a group and order a shared serve of Jonestown, whiling away the summer afternoon in a sea of apricot brandy, Cinzano Bianco, apple juice, mint, blueberry, and Redbank prosecco. They also do mixed boards with proscuttio, salami, fetta cheese and pickled chillis. Done. Brew | Brisbane CBD Lovers of beer, wine, spirits, coffee and food unite (did we leave anyone out?), there’s a reason Brew is quickly becoming one of the most popular hidden haunts in Brisbane’s CBD. With a little something for everyone, this back alley come underground hangout offers deliciously chilled ciders, tapas and share boards to throw amongst and group, and the kind of unique cocktails you could only expect from such a cool digs. For some summer flare, try their ‘gettin’ figgy with it,’ a blend of Hennessey VSOP, muscat, fig, whiskey and aged barrel bitters. Holy fig. Bar Pacino | Brisbane CBD We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse: Bar Pacino, salt and pepper calamari, roasted chorizo and a hard hitting summer spritzer in hand, by the river. Bar Pacino is an Italian inspired espresso bar, catering to the day workers, the night drinkers, and the seriously hot (in both senses of the word). brisbanebarstoescapeheatsoleilSoleil Pool Bar | South Bank Whip out your best new season swim suit and dive head first for Soleil’s Capri Sundays. Find a good looking palm branch to fan yourself with, party poolside, and seduce your taste buds under the spell of fruity, bubbly, cocktail delights. Swan about in one of the bar’s swan pool toys, or just sit back and enjoy the scenery somewhere that casual summer dresses and men’s shorts that don’t meet the knee are totally acceptable attire. Keep the fan and squirty bottle at home, friends, and start lapping up summer in style. Words by Lucille Burkitt