Beirne Lane | Brisbane's Late Night Dining Location

Beirne, baby, Beirne – the new name in late-night dining

Beirne Lane

Brisbane’s finally jumping on the late-night dining train, and we’re more than here for it.

With the team behind Fortitude Valley’s GPO and The Met at the helm, the heritage listed TC Beirne Building is set to welcome Beirne Lane on November 7, a unique gastropub inspired by the building’s namesake, Thomas Charles Beirne.

Beirne was an Irish immigrant and prominent businessman of the 19th century, and the Beirne Lane menu reflects his heritage and love of Japan (honestly, relatable), with a range of diverse and delicious eats. If the thought of Irish and Japanese fusion dining doesn’t get you heated, get your extinguishers at the ready – the Valley’s newest hotspot will be open 24/7!

Hunger never sleeps, so now you can satisfy those 3am cravings with plates on plates Japanese-style katsu sandos of beef and spicy miso mayonnaise, or fish with Kewpie tartare, bacon, and pickled jalapeno. Our bodies are ready.

Beirne Lane | Brisbane's Late Night Dining Location

As well as extensive bar and grill dishes – including cheesy Japanese curry covered chips – the Shilling Meal is sure to be an instant hit. Back in the day, a shilling would get TC Beirne warehouse workers a plate of oysters, steak, and something sweet, and Beirne Lane is bringing back the tradition with a meal of three freshly shucked oysters, a steak with buttermilk onion rings, and a cream-filled cannoli.

What’s a feast without a little booze? Expect a constantly-rotating selection of craft beers from the bar, a balanced wine list, and a cocktail menu including the signature, ‘Oh boys! We must have another!’, with gin, brandy, rum, orgeat, orange juice, and sherry.

Brisbane, do you feel the Beirne?

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who may start living at Beirne Lane. Maybe. Probably.