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Happiness comes to South Bank... on a stick!

If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it, pop into South Bank’s newest local, Happy Pops!

What is the key to happiness? It is a loaded question that has haunted people for generations, but we may have just found the answer–hello, Happy Pops! 

Despite only opening its first store just over a year ago on Noosa’s main drag, owner and chef entrepreneur Augusta, together with husband Ian, decided it was time to expand, recently opening their second and newest Happy Pops store in Southbank.   

Transforming boring gelato into beautiful gelato one stick at a time, Happy Pops specialises in creating and selling premium artisanal gelato and sorbet on a stick–aka pure bliss! All Happy Pops are made daily from the finest locally sourced, all-natural, preservative-free Australian ingredients, allowing you to spoil yourself without the guilt. 

But what does happiness on a stick look like, exactly? Well, turns out it comes in many different forms, as you’ll notice as you step in-store and stare wide-eyed at one of the most beautiful freezer displays you’ll likely ever come across.  

Happy Poppers can select from drool-worthy pre-made, premium pops or mini pops for the kids made by Happy Pops in-house pastry chef, that include best-selling Hokey Pokey (homemade honeycomb made with Australian honey, topped with Belgium chocolate and homemade caramel sauce), along with crowd favourites fruit pavlovasalted caramel, and raspberry and coconut (which is vegan)–I think we just found our new happy place! 

Otherwise, why not get creative and create your own Happy Pop?! First, choose your pop: gelato, sorbet, yoghurt, waffle or brownie. Second, choose your dipping sauce: drizzle, half dip or full dip. Third, choose your toppings: hazelnuts, macadamia, freezedried raspberries, coconut flakes, salted caramel waffle crunch, Oreo, M&Ms, mini mallows, Nerds, sprinkles. Good luck narrowing it down to just three!

The decision, though, is made even sweeter on weekdays from 4pm-5pm when it’s happy hour and all toppings are free. Oh, happy days! 

Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to leave a Happy Popper! 

Words by Jarred Reinke
- the gourmand who screams for ice cream.