Barre at the Bar

Barre at the bar

Ever been barred from a bar? It’s okay, we all have, but have you ever done barre at a bar? Confused yet?

After the success of their super popular Beer Yoga classes, our pals at The Flying Cock have teamed up with SoBã to host Barre At The Bar, a class that combines Pilates, ballet, yoga and most importantly – frosé.

Combining isometric movements with the power of music (and alcohol lets be real) barre classes assist in increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. And there’s frosé, did we mention that?

To get that summer bod you’ve been talking about (over fries) all winter, stretch, tone and extend your way through the class, all whilst sipping on frosé on the 26th of October at 6.30pm.

At just $20 dollars a head, which includes frosé (in case you didn’t already pick up on it, we’re excited about the frosé), mat hire and the class.

Avoid being barred from barre, book in now!

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who would only do barre at a bar she had been barred from