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Bacon, not stirred: Brisbane’s bacon cocktails

We’re forever trying to come up with the next big food mash-up, especially now that vegemite and chocolate is a thing, but the best we could think up was bacon cookies. So we’ve decided to leave the creative flavour pairing to the experts (ie the bartenders whose geniuses leave us with hangovers every weekend), and have instead found the cocktails that are bacon hearts all over Brisbane. That’s right, bacon cocktails. Delfinas | Fortitude Valley We never thought we would describe a cocktail as ‘life changing before, but alas, we have found the exception and it is just as brilliant as what you could ever hope for. The Maple bacon bourbon smash has it all with maple syrup, fresh orange, bourbon, served with a strip of crispy bacon. *Cue drool meme here.* Canvas | Woolloongabba Don’t try saying the name of Canvas’ bacon inspired cocktail after you’ve downed a few, just say ‘the bacon one’ and they’ll know you mean the bourbon smoked bacon fat wash flip. What’s in it? They wouldn’t tell us, but we assure you, it’s worth twisting your tongue around. Miss Kays | Brisbane CBD Serving up out of this world burgers to the masses in the Brisbane CBD, Miss Kays has stolen hearts, not only for their stacked creations, but also for their cocktails. The signature maple bacon whisky sour comes with a maple bacon garnish in a cute hipster jar (#instaphotoopp). Best enjoyed with the Mac Daddy burger and zero regret. Cowch | South Brisbane Technicality should not disqualify the next candidate, as it’s not really a cocktail, but a beer. Hailed as a ‘desserty’ beer, the Rogue Voodoo doughnut bacon maple ale is exactly what it sounds like. The perfect drop to wash down your breakfast waffle and bacon ice cream. Move over double denim, double bacon is in town. The Bounty | Rosalie The Old Fashioned concoction at The Bounty confirms that bacon makes the world go round. With house made aromatic bacon bitters (all hail the genius behind that creation), rye whiskey, Canadian maple syrup and crispy bacon, it’ll have you plundering your bank account so you can have 5 more. Byblos | Hamilton When we say ‘bacon wash’ don’t get excited, it’s not a new shower soap (although, we think we may be onto something), it is a special technique used to infuse flavours into spirits. Byblos has tapped into this new technique and have created the Living the Vida Loca, which has bacon washed mescal, fresh apple juice, sage and sugar. It’s completely acceptable (in our books anyway) to sing the Ricky Martin jam while wolfing this down.   Now all we have to do is figure out how we can work the cocktails into our daily breakfast routine. Words by Sheldon Hikaiti