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Recipe | Me Oh My cocktail by Millie Tang

Don’t walk, RUM! (Uhh… run!)

There’s a new cocktail popping up in bars all across the country, and we’ve got the behind-the-scenes scoop before it explodes onto the world stage.

From the mind of a local bartender at The Gresham, Millie Tang, comes the Me Oh My – the perfect summer sipper created for the legendary Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition.

After flying through the preliminary stages, Millie is about to head to the Australian grand final in Sydney next month where she’ll compete for a spot in the Global final in Amsterdam – and we’re here to spread the word for a drink that’ll make you drop the daiquiri and move on from the mojito in a single sip!

Without further ado, The G&G is proud to present Millie Tang’s epic new cocktail creation – Me Oh My!


  • 45mL Bacardi Carta Blanca.
  • 5mL Crème de Violette.
  • 15mL Coco Lopez.
  • 10mL lime juice.
  • 7.5mL honey and water (1:1.)


  1. Shake together with ice, and strain into a Nick & Nora glass (or whatever fancy-looking glass you have!)
  2. Garnish with lavender.

…And you’re done! Now you can enjoy the Me Oh My in the comfort of your own home before it takes the rest of the world by storm.

Be sure to check out @meohmybymillietang of Facebook and Instagram to show your support for Millie and find out where you can grab an expertly-concocted Me Oh My!