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Australia is getting a Nutella festival

Yep, scrape your jaw off the ground and get a spoon ready, an honest to god Nutella festival is coming to Australian shores. Nutella-Palooza, as it is appropriately named, is hitting Adelaide on April 9 – and we’re already booking our flights. A celebration of all things Nutella and chocolate, the festival is the teamwork of Adelaide’s biggest Nutella fans, and frankly we’re disappointed we didn’t think of it first. With Nutella cooking demonstrations, bakery stalls, art installations and more, this is one day out that fills us with warm gooey feels. There’ll even be food trucks for when attendees even need a break from eating Nutella (as if that would ever happen). So if you’ve already polished off that personalized Nutella jar you got for Christmas, maybe it’s time to start planning a weekend in Adelaide? Words by Ranyhyn Akui