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Where to find Brisbane’s best Asian desserts and pastries

Time to toss one’s fortune cookies, foodies!

Dessert the horoscopic bickies of questionable origin and let us whisper this sweet nothing in your ear–Brisbane is actually full of unique and delicious treats from Asia that your tastebuds just have to try.

Whether you’re a seasoned bubble-tea-a-day sweet tooth (we’re looking at you, SAT members), or you’ve only tried matcha once in your life, everyone’s dessert game can be elevated with help from this list of Brisbane’s best Asian dessert cafes.

Sonder | Sunnybank

Make way for parfait, Japanese style, at Sonder’s cute suburban café! Making waves online is their adorable daifuku, which you can choose between passionfruit or vanilla bean and strawberry. Their matcha ichigo parfait is also a must-try for green tea and strawberry fanatics; it’s got matcha jelly, syrup, mochi, and ice cream and plenty of strawberry, too.


Hi Hi is more than just your regular bubble tea cafe. They’ve got Taiwanese and Japanese-style cuisine, unconventional teas and coffees, and a vast range of sweet roll cakes. You can pair your sesame latte with a Japanese matcha or sesame roll cake, complete with soft mochi in the centre.

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts | Mount Gravatt

The name speaks for itself! Enjoy your daily dose of dairy in the form of the Hokkaido-inspired baked cheese tarts, which come packed with a distinctive sweet-savoury taste. Ready to spend your cheddar on this cheesy dessert? You can catch this store in Queen Street Mall, Coorparoo, and at Garden City!

Café Artease | Kelvin Grove

Consider yourself in the nose when it comes to Brisbane’s best desserts? Then you’ll love the durian crepe cake found at this midnight café! Taking the crepe cake trend to a whole new level, Café Artease’s delicious (albeit smelly) version tastes great, especially when paired with one of their fruit teas or matcha lattes.  

 Surabing | Sunnybank

After a dessert that touches both the heart and Seoul? Korean café Surabing has got the (baked) goods. When you’re bready, make a beeline for their divine ingeolmi toast, a type of Korean rice cake that’s drizzled in honey and topped with ice cream.


The star dessert of Cheung’s Cakes & Cafe has to be the lao po bing, also known as wife cake or sweetheart cake. This delicacy is said to be better than those in Hong Kong, but you’ll have to decide for yourself! The wife cake contains candied winter melon, almond paste, and white sesame seeds all encased in a thin crust of flaky pastry.

Icing Hill Café | Fortitude Valley

Icing Hill is as sweet as its name suggests, with a specialty in creating custom cartoon cakes for children (or kids at heart!) alongside unique weekly offerings. Our current favourite? Their rose-infused watermelon cake, made with fresh strawberries, watermelon, and layered fresh cream. 

Sweet Treats Dessert Café | Runcorn

Vive la crème should be the motto of Sweet Treats Dessert Café, whose matcha crème brûlée can’t be beat. Made with premium Japanese matcha powder, this crème brulee is a smooth and creamy custard topped with a crunchy toffee that comes served with a scoop of green tea ice cream and a wafer straw.

Hot Cake House | Sunnybank

Hey there, hot stuff. Hot Cake House is a local favourite in Sunnybank thanks to their quirky, Hong Kong-style hot cakes and egg rolls baked fresh and sold fast! Head in quick to pick up their unique black forest with coconut milk Tokyo pancakes or their matcha and red bean hotcakes before they sell out like… hotcakes.


Ying Cha No.9 is Instagram-worthy with its gorgeous housemade cakes loaded with locally sourced fresh fruits. You have got to add their taro floss chiffon cake to your Asian dessert bucket list; this combination of flavours is to die for!


How matcha can you handle?

Words by Jacqueline Pon and Elyssa Weavers
- the gourmands who love dessert very mochi.