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Arthur’s Green: Date night sorted

Don’t dare to drive your car to one more inner city chain restaurant with someone you swiped right to this week because there’s only one place you need to put at the top of your 2017 date night ‘to do’ list – Arthur’s Green. What’s become one of Red Hill’s favourite little breaky spots is now open for dinner (date or no date – get excited!), bringing you all the wining and dining (or burger and boozing!) essentials for you and that special someone. Don’t worry about practicing your icebreakers or conversation starters, because with burgers, beers, wines, espresso martinis and affogatos, you’ll be too busy wrapping your mouth around all the goodness on offer to even consider the silences awkward. They say people who love to eat are always the best people, so order some burgers and suss out if you’ve got a keeper. Wrap your hands around burger goodness like their beef brisket burger with smoky bourbon BBQ sauce, or make eyes over the BBQ pulled pork topped with slaw and cheese. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, flirt with something a little different and grab hold of their ‘Breaky for Dinner’ burger, filled with bacon (our true love at first sight), egg, smashed hash browns and tomato relish. Breaky AND diner in one date? Talk about getting it all out of the way in one go! Before the night heats up too much (but it’s Brisbane, who are we kidding, you’ve already worked up some pre-date nervous sweats), wrap your lips around Arthur’s Green’s liquid solutions. They’ve got a top-notch selection of beers, wines and everyone’s favourite Friday knock-offs, espresso martinis. So the next time someone picks you up and suggests some lame-o pizza joint, whip out your secret weapon and suggest this gem on the north side, and try to keep the inevitable drooling to a minimum when reading over the menu. Apparently that’s frowned upon. Their new dinner hours are from 5pm Friday and Saturday, and from 4pm Sundays – so get swiping! Words by Lucille Burkitt