Aria’s Trial Fridays Menu

Aria’s Trial Fridays will have diners singing

Aria’s Trial Fridays

An exclusive Aria experience with emerging and experimental dishes? Just trial and say no.

What Aria’s Head Chef, Ben Russell, describes as a “fun side project” for Aria Brisbane is a blessing for the iconic venue’s foodie fans – two glasses of wine (from the 2018 Australian Wine List of the Year, no doubt) with five tastes from Aria’s emerging menu for just $65.

So what can Trial Fridays visitors expect? Ben says the kitchen’s focus for 2019 is “quality, local ingredients as they have, and always will be, on trend for us,” and that Trial Fridays is a “light and casual” way to experience new creations from the culinary team.

Long-term Aria fans will love the chance to interact with the venue’s sommeliers and chefs in Aria’s bar, while foodie newcomers will relish the opportunity to experience the best of Aria in an affordable and engaging way.

“The beauty of Trial Fridays,” says Ben, “is that they are completely dictated by the produce, and every event is different.”

“We’ve been working very closely with fisherman from Mooloolaba, and as their catches are sporadic it’s a great opportunity to showcase their hauls as they come in.”

Ben says that while some “favourite dishes make an appearance from time to time,” Trial Fridays mostly focus on experimentation – “people should expect the unexpected and enjoy the best produce Queensland has to offer,” says Ben.

Trial Fridays happen from 5:30pm-7pm twice a month; February 8’s event is already sold out, but tickets to Trial Fridays on Friday, February 22 are still available – nab one here to catch the last of summer produce with Aria’s chefs and sommeliers.

Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmet who would eat Aria’s kitchen scraps