Dine At Aria For The Last Time | Gourmand & Gourmet

Au revoir, Aria

This is the way one of Brisbane’s most iconic restaurants ends – not with a bang, but a dinner (or six).

No, the world’s not ending but Brisbane foodies have been left collectively shook when news dropped that Matt Moran’s Aria restaurant will close its doors permanently on Saturday, June 15.

Luckily, that still leaves fans time to dry their eyes by feasting their sights on the delicious dinners and dining experiences this stunning restaurant has left in store before it leaves the pier it’s called home for the past ten years.

Don’t worry Brisbane – Aria ain’t done yet!

Enjoy ten years in ten courses with Aria’s special edition tasting menu

Tip your hat to this two-hatted restaurant’s decade of delicious meals and great service with their special edition ten-course tasting menu. Curated carefully by the chefs as a thank you to diners for their patronage over the years, this menu boasts all of Aria’s best dishes, from 2009’s divine confit pork belly with apple and vanilla to more contemporary favourites like 2015’s toasted rice sorbet with honey, or this year’s grass-fed sirloin served with black pepper and mash.

Toast to Aria with their 2018 Australian Wine List of the Year

Aria is closing, and you can catch us wine-ing down with a glass or two in the restaurant’s striking bar. The best goodbyes happen over a glass of irresistible red wine, so wash down the end of an era with any one of the crisp chardonnays, or nebbiolo-variety bottles that earnt Aria its well-deserved 2018 Australian Wine List of the Year accolade.

Treat yourself to Aria’s iconic a la carte menu

Be still thy beating heart by opting for one last a la carte dining experience inside the restaurant’s luxurious dining space. Pair the sweeping riverside views with Aria’s equally breathtaking seasonal menu that boasts current favourites like the spanner crab entrée with bonito, corn, and avocado, as well as a spectacular Murray cod with cuttlefish, turnip, and horseradish.

As for dessert? Anything will do–whatever you choose to end the night with is bound to be bittersweet.

We’re not crying, Brisbane, you are.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand mopping up her tears with an Aria tablecloth this June 15