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Are you ready for the Rosé Revolution?

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When you picture your favourite drink of all time, what colour is it? Brown like the bark of an old oak tree? Or perhaps orange like a sun setting over the ocean? Maybe it doesn’t have a colour and it’s just clear, like a cold glass of water. But when I’m asked a question such as this, my mind immediately jumps to one colour and one drink: Rosé. A luscious colour and beverage of royalty, beauty and prestige. For us lucky Australians, the delectable drink rosé is starting off our summer with a three-day festival, celebrating its fourth year of wine success. On November 29 and 30, and December 1, the celebrations kick off at 7pm with trades and wineries across the country offering us mere mortals an opportunity to sip and test the splendidly dry rosé. Probably one of the most remarkable qualities about this fine rosé is that it works well with basically any type of food dish. The low tannin and fruity quality of the rosé is perfect with any European, American, Aussie or Asian cuisines. From a BBQ sizzling some king prawns and marinated chicken skewers, to a seafood paella with some saffron rice, to perfectly cooked pork crackling: rosé is a multi-food-functioning wine like no other! This rosé revolt is also putting a call out to all wine lovers, bars, restaurants and retailers to create their very own Rosé Revolution events. So grab your prettiest pink dress and jump onto this website to check out any rosé events that could be happening in your area. If you can’t make it to any of the parties, don’t fret! Just buy a bottle or seven of rosé for you and your mates and jump on their Twitter site to chat about all things pink and rosy. Happy wine tasting!  Words by Hannah Twiggs