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Are these Brisbane’s prettiest cakes?

If you’ve ever ventured out to Wild Canary at Brookfield on Brisbane’s west side, you will have wandered past the lush kitchen gardens just outside, which provide much of the inspiration (and a few of the ingredients!) for their fresh, seasonal café menu. You may have also noticed that in the flourishing garden beds there are almost as many dainty flowers as there are herbs and other sprouting things – and wondered why they were there. Surely even a bowl of quinoa and chia pudding doesn’t need that much decoration? Well while you’ll find edible flowers brightening up most their breakfast and lunch dishes, Wild Canary have found a charming way to make use of their floral crop which has nothing to do with breakfast and everything to do with our favourite pastime – eating cake. wild canary 2 Whether you have a reason to celebrate coming up or not, Wild Canary’s spectacular cakes are blooming irresistible. Utterly charming and worthy of their own Pinterest board, the cakes make use of edible flowers from the kitchen gardens, so no two cakes are the same. Depending on the season, you may be able to order a chocolate honey cake with caramel and a sprinkle of vibrant golden petals, a blueberry cheesecake with dainty native violets, or a mango and passionfruit sponge abundantly showered in dusky pink and green garden flora. All freshly baked in-house by the bistro’s pastry chef, the cakes are almost like a bouquet of flowers transformed into dessert – every gardener’s dream, right? If it’s just a slice you want, you might be lucky enough to find the chef’s latest stunning creation in the cake cabinet when you visit, to dive into with a side of fresh cream. wild canary 3 But if you have an event for which a regular cake just isn’t going to cut it, Wild Canary can make to order! We don’t know about you, but we could think up plenty of excuses to order in one of these masterpieces. It’s your birthday? Let’s get a chocolate raspberry and rose cake showered in rose petals. Oh you’ve been with your partner for 14 months and 7 days? Better mark the occasion with a citrus cake with floral confetti. It’s Friday you say? TIME FOR CAKE! Even the boys are catered for with a ‘gentleman’s chocolate fudge cake decorated with a carpet of black and blue flowers. You’ll need to put your order in a few days in advance of course, but these creations are worth it. They can even be made gluten free! And best of all, picking it up gives you the perfect excuse to stop in at Wild Canary for brunch. And a slice of cake. You’ll find Wild Canary at 2371 Moggill Road, Brookfield and you can check out their entire range of luscious cakes here. Words by Ranyhyn Akui