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Are these Brisbane’s most exotic pizzas?

Cabbage, eggs, mayo and bonita flakes may not sound like the ingredients to a scrumptious pizza, but that’s just what you’ll find in one of Okonomi House’s delicious Japanese pizzas – and they may just convert you to the exotically tasty rounds of goodness permanently. This Wintergarden eatery is still new to the CBD food scene (though they’ve been winning tastebuds at Eat Street Markets and Garden City for a while now), but they’re already one of our fave spots for a speedy Brisbane city lunch or dinner when we feel like some seriously flavourful comfort food. If you’ve never had the chance to sample the delights of okonomiyaki, let us introduce you to the Japanese dish. Technically more like a pancake than a pizza (but don’t let that change your mind about trying it), the base is a carba-licious mix of cabbage, gluten free flour, eggs and green onions, fried crispy, golden perfection and topped with juicy meats, sauces and bonita flakes. Sounds intriguing? Trust us when we say it will soon be your new favourite international cuisine! At Okonomi House, you can get the pizzas topped with all manner of saliva-inducing toppings. Make them even more pizza-like with the addition of stringy mozzarella cheese, get them piled with pork belly, bacon and corn, spicy teriyaki chicken or even a perfectly fried egg. Smother them in mayo and okonomiyaki sauce (like BBQ sauce, only better), watch the bonita flakes dance for a moment and then shovel it in your mouth like you know you want to. Also on the Wintergarden menu is another Japanese delight you’ll only know about if you’ve wandered the streets of Tokyo – takoyaki. These doughy balls are filled with either cheese or octopus, fried into perfect rounds and topped with the same drool-worthy toppings as okonomiyaki – only they make a much more convenient snack (read: you can eat them on the run as you dash back to your desk). If you’re ready to discover Brisbane’s most exotic pizzas for yourself, you’ll find Okonomi House in the Wintergarden food court in the CBD, open 7 days a week for a Brisbane city lunch and Friday for dinner. Words by Ranyhyn Akui