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An epic new bakery is coming to the GC

The creative geniuses that brought you Paddock Bakery, Bam Bam Bakehouse and Cubby Bakehouse are at it again, and are about to unveil their next delicious venture, Custard Canteen on the Gold Coast.

If you’ve visited these frankly delicious destinations, you may have noticed that each bakehouse centres on a signature item. For Paddock Bakery it was wood-fired sourdough, at Bam Bam Bakehouse croissants are the hero, and at Cubby Bakehouse, it’s baguettes. So drum roll, please… if the name didn’t give it away, Custard Canteen will be all about the sweet, eggy, flaky goodness of Portuguese tarts.

As if the glittering blue waters of Tallebudgera Creek weren’t already paradise enough, Custard Canteen will set up shop at Tallebudgera Creek Leisure Centre. The location may feel like a surprising choice, but if their existing locations are anything to go by, once the design duo of Ursula and Ben Watts get their hands on it, it’s going to be phenomenal.

“A space always gives us a feeling and a vibe before we make the big decision to commit to a venue, and this spot might be the best one yet,” Ursula says (plus, with that backdrop, how can you really go wrong?).

Ben’s skills as a carpenter and Ursula’s interior design eye mean they’re super comfortable in transforming the space into something special.

“We’re currently finalising the concept; from fitout, packaging, customer experience and creating a little bit of magic,” says Ursula. (Keen to see what it takes to launch a successful business? Watch the journey unfold on Insta at @custardcanteen for a behind-the-scenes look beyond the gloss and glamour of the restaurant industry).

The duo packed their bags and took their young family to Portugal to try the best tarts in the world and bring back those original Portuguese flavours to li’l ol’ us here on the Coast. 

“We’ve been to Portugal to learn from the best and be inspired. A good Portuguese tart is mind-blowing, and we want to be able to give people those special food moments.”

Once again, the team will be using all Bongard French pastry equipment, imported from France.

“We’ve been lucky enough to go to their factory a couple of times for training with their Master Baker and learn the intricacies of their high tech equipment,” says Ursula.

“Although it’s our fourth time, it’s all the same feelings as when we first started seven years ago. We’re excited, nervous, stressed–just all the normal feelings that come with the adventure for any small business owner.

Custard Canteen is coming this summer–scheduled to open in December, we for one can’t think of anything more heavenly than topping off a summer swim with a warm Portuguese tart.

Words by Sally Scott of Alluxia – the gourmet who’ll be lining up outside as the doors open.