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An edible guide to Father’s Day 2014

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Dads aren’t very complicated (although they played a pretty significant role in your fab creation). He raised you. He clothed you. He taught you which jokes will leave you with no friends (Hi hungry, I’m Dad). This friends, is what we call Dad Syndrome. It is the group of daddy-qualities that fathers across the globe share. In all honesty though, are they as alike as you think? We don’t think so. While there are some qualities that make our dads the loveable dorks that they are, there is many a different kind of daddy out there. That’s why we’ve put together a fool-proof guide to what kind of eatable destinations your dad will flourish in. If your dad is… Soft, warm and sunny side up, he’ll love: Willow & Spoon A ham, an egg and a piece of toast walk into a bar and order some drinks. The bartender says, “Sorry we don’t serve breakfast.” Luckily, Willow & Spoon do. They serve up the works in their Windsor hub where the sun shines through lush ferns to keep you and your old man company. Perfect for the springtime, no? Dad can sink his sweet tooth into a decadent serving of French toast lathered in Nutella cream, caramelised banana, flaked almonds and rich maple syrup. If he craves something on the savoury side, treat him to Babe: braised pork belly, maple baked beans, fried egg, bruised ginger and sourdough. Delicious. Classy, modern, a lover of wine, he’ll love: Fish Lane Bistro Boasting Australia’s most loved wines and exemplary cocktails (with a foxy twist), Fish Lane Bistro will tickle your father’s senses – all of them. Follow your nose on a gastronomic journey of Mooloolaba king prawns with chilli olive oil and lemon, grass fed eye fillet and a glass of Tappo Shiraz. Fashionable, fab, and (a bit) less of a dag, he’ll love: Next Door Kitchen & Bar Hidden in the heart of South Bank, Next Door Kitchen & Bar invites you into a world of speakeasies and forbidden mischief – perfect for the padre with a twinkle in his eye. With a decadent range of share plates (or not-share plates, for those with superior hunger), antique tawny port and house made hooch, you can ease into the evening in delicious style. A hipster (#lol), he’ll love: Chop Chop Chang’s Welcome your dad into the world of dim lighting, converse and hipster beards. As well as a quick (and much needed lesson) on how to be cool, you’ll be showing Dad a whole new world of tantalising Asian cuisine. Soak yourselves in Yuzu Lemonade or Lychee & Ginger ice tea before indulging in the sweetest, most tender sticky beef ribs you have ever experienced. This is a much needed adventure for dads around the globe. Dad out. Words by Julia Hulbert