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An eating expert's guide to Brisbane's Night Noodle Markets

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It’s in our nature, as Australians, to be outdoors, even if it is the middle of winter! But this is one event we aren’t upset about being outside for, and you certainly won’t be either!

That’s right, Night Noodle Markets are returning to South Bank bigger and better than ever from 25thJuly – 5thAugust! With twelve tantalising nights of all things noodles, bao, dumplings and everything your sweet delectable Asian treat dreams are made up of, you can almost guarantee they will be at the markets.

If you can’t tell – we are excited, very excited – and have made top 10 picks off the menus of this year’s Night Noodle markets:

Strawberry Watermelon Cake | Black Star Pastry

BAH! Did you see the line-up for these bad boys last year? There is a reason, and they have brought them to town with their signature Strawberry Watermelon Cake and Raspberry Lychee Cake. Don’t be lame, get in the game and try these cakes!

KFC Cheese Puffle | Puffle

Now we know we are a sucker for cross fusion food and we have to say, Puffle’s have got us tickled. This ISN’T your adopted pet on Club Penguin, this is a savoury super cheesy bubble waffle with Korean Fried Chicken, Japanese mayo and shallots. Stop it. Get it in our belly!

TWA (tofu with attitude) Bao | Bao Brothers

Need we say more? BAO BROTHERS! Obvs, there will be other fillings to choose from, but we have to admit, miso tofu with soy mayo, pickled ginger, crispy shallots and spring onions have got our knees weak, arms are heavy, forget mom’s spaghetti, Bao Brothers have got us ready… Ok… I’ll stop.

Khao Soi Gai | Kin Cen

You know that fool who wears white to a noodle market? Well that was us, last year, and we got this scrumptious Burmese-influenced coconut and curry flavoured noodle soup with Thai shallots, coriander and chilli oil, not only all-over our face but definitely all over said shirt. It’s a sign of enjoyment, and enjoy we did! PSA: don’t wear white.

Little Kyoto x Pho Real

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Vietnamese Pho and a burrito had a baby? Well wonder no longer, Little Kyoto and Pho Real have come together to bring you the Phoritto. Vietnamese pho filled burritos. Nervous, excited, hungry and maybe even a touch of confusion is our range of emotions when encountering the Phoritto, but rest assured, they are TASTY.

Oh, and Takoyaki Towers. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s dancing bonito flakes sprinkled over the top of little doughy dumplings filled with octopus, green shallots and pickled ginger all encapsulated in a perfectly spherical ball. They also have an Aburi cheese version, so that’s a thing. But towers, towers of them!

Inihaw na baboy | Hoy Pinoy

Would it really be Night Noodle Markets if there weren’t BBQ Skewers? Sweet delicious charred morsels of pork belly on a skewer making for the most convenient entrée, Hoy Pinoy have gone rouge and made a banana ketchup glaze. We aren’t mad. We are drooling!

Pork Cloud | Steamed Dim Sum

Ever spent countless hours, looking at clouds and wonder what they are doing all the way up there? Wonder no longer, Steamed Dim Sum have brought clouds down to you with Pork Clouds! Light sweetened bun with a pork, ginger and shallot centre are what winter nom noms are made of!

Black Panda | Waffleland

Steaming freshly bake waffles on a winter’s night? Yes please! We all know desert is a separate stomach and so let us at them, because we want all the black sesame ice-cream with lashings of maple syrup pretty please, with cream on top!

Chicken Pad See Ew | Shallot Thai

We see Ew, and we are ready to conquer these thick stir-fried noodles like it’s nobody’s business. Veggies, egg, chicken, thick rice noodles all worked in the wok with sweet soy sauce is a Night Noodle Market staple and we will see you in line, giving death glares to anyone who even tries to push in.

Get there early so you can unlock all four stomachs, graze slowly and indulge in a few bevvies from James Squire, Laira Cellar Door and Amplify Komboucha! Avoid withdrawal fees and forget the cash, these guys are pro’s and have pay pass on lock down!

See you there, we will be the ones rolling home.

Words by Tess Allan
- the gourmand who will be wearing dark clothing to cover slops and spills with a bib on hand if necessary.