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An afternoon with Jack

They do things a little different in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is charcoal mellowed drop by drop and then left to age in handcrafted barrels. After 150 years of production this sippin’ whiskey is still judged the same way as Jack did way back in 1866, by the way it looks, the way it smells and of course, the way it tastes. The favourite drink of everyone from Frank Sinatra to Sir Winston Churchill, this isn’t just whiskey – it’s a symbol of rebellious freedom and doing things your own way. Even if doing things your own way leads to viral videos of your terrible attempt at Rockaoke at Sonny’s on Thursday night. Just to add to the air of defiance, the spirit is distilled in a county where the sale and consumption of alcohol is illegal. Does it add an aroma of bravado and daring to the notes of vanilla, oak and caramel? You tell us. To raise a glass to the Change & Innovation Department at Jack Daniel’s that isn’t hiring, and say cheers to quality being hand crafted the hard way, shake up a Lynchburg Lemonade – or just go in hunt of one at Brisbane’s most ‘Merican bars, Brooklyn Standard and The Defiant Duck. Lynchburg Lemonade
  • 30mls Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  • 15mls Triple Sec
  • 10mls fresh lemon juice
  • Lemonade
Shake all the ingredients together, strain into a glass and top with lemonade.