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All you can eat taco Tuesdays are a thing!

When you dish up mouth watering tacos every day, you’d think there’d be no way to make things even better. Where do you go from dishing up scrumptious, hand made tacos six days a week, alongside salty margaritas and addictive fire roasted corn salsa? You’ve pretty much nailed it, right? Well it turns out you can do even better – you can dish up all-you-can-eat tacos for $25 a head, turning taco Tuesday into neverending taco Tuesday from 4-7pm. Where will you find this epic deal? The CBD’s Chingon, of course, where it’s always a good time for tacos and tequila. Don’t expect your usual Tuesday tacos here – you’ll find no questionable mince and cheese in a stale shell on their menu. Instead, you can keep ordering from their line up of hand made soft tortilla tacos, with fillings like char-grilled steak and black beans, grilled garlic prawns with chipotle cream and guacamole, and pulled pork with pineapple and capsicum salsa. Taco ‘bout mouth-watering. While you’re stuffing your face, you can also drop a few dollars on their full menu of margaritas, sangria and tequila on offer. A few drinks here are always a good idea with Brooklyn Standard right next door and ready to welcome you when you need to dance off the tacos. So next time taco night rolls round, leave Old El Paso on the shelf and nab yourself a booth at Chingon, where every Tuesday is all you can eat taco night from 4-7pm, starting December 13. Even better, we’re giving away all you can eat tacos for six to one lucky winner! Just enter the competition below and go into the draw.
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