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Taste Alchemy’s relaxed new menu of Italian bites

The riverfront institution has transformed before our eyes.

A stalwart of Brisbane’s gourmet dining scene, Alchemy Restaurant and Bar has sat firmly on the higher end since its inception.

When COVID-19 rocked Brisbane’s hospitality community, many venues were forced to reassess their offerings. Alchemy’s acclaimed chef Brad Jolly and team worked hard to pivot the restaurant’s offerings to be more attainable for more people, and to include a range of takeaway options. 

The changes were welcomed by Alchemy lovers of old and opened the door to a new crop of diners–and they’re here to stay. The approachable, rustic new menu has shifted from modern Aussie flavours to strictly Italian, offering a fixed price for two and three courses. 

From Tuesday through to Friday, Alchemy’s lunch fixed menu is available for $52 (two courses) or $62 (three courses) and includes a selection of fresh dishes. Kick things off with buffalo mozzarella with sautéed silverbeet and chilli or go with the heartier option of braised pork belly, with pot-roasted lentils and white balsamic shallot dressing.

For the main affair, take your pick from the range of pastas, risotto, gnocchi, and wholesome Italian mains, like fish of the day with mussels, leeks, potatoes, capers and curry vinaigrette.

Come dinner time, enjoy two courses for $62 or three for $82, and be treated to hearty Italian offerings like braised lamb ravioli with crushed mint, peas, pistachio and goats cheese, or an Angus striploin with roasted pumpkin puree and potato hash. 

To the Alchemy faithful, don’t fear. Those iconic braised beef cheeks can still be found on the menu, complete with creamy mash, smoked bacon, and button mushrooms. Drool. 

There’s also a range of picture-perfect desserts on offer for lunch and dinner, like sbrisolona (apple crumble with Calvados mascarpone creme) and crostata cioccolato e caffe (chocolate and coffee tart with a marshmallow dome). 

Head here to book a table, so you can experience Alchemy’s new menu for yourself.


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Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- The gourmet who falls into the ‘Alchemy faithful’ category.