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Airport Bargain Bites for $20

While not every airport experience is as heart-warming as the famous scene from Love Actually (though that closely represents how we feel about our first coffee embrace of the morning), if you’re anything like Team G&G, the time between check-in to boarding is an opportunity to live your best snack life. It’s the pre-game to the main event: the foodie adventures that lie after touch-down.

But truth be told, nobody likes to spend as much on a pre-take-off meal as they did on the departing flight.

Well times have changed, friends.  We scoured every corner of Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal to find the best deals since that last Persian rug liquidation sale (but even tastier).

From brekkies and baked goods to burgers and beers, here’s our pick of what you can score for a twenty dollar note – or less.

If you’re after something small and sweet, nab yourself a slice of cake and a smooth, strong Fonzie Abbott coffee from their stand in the Virgin section of the Terminal.

For brownies just like your mum makes and the perfect pre-flight sugar hit – you can be the little piggy who goes to market at The Market Place.

Prefer a health boost before your holiday buffet begins? Recharge with a refreshing juice from NRG Express: the Xtreme Alert with banana, coconut milk, ginger and ginkgo biloba wakes us up in allll the right places.

Seeking something quick ‘n’ tasty? Up your game in the food court with a sushi & nigiri platter from Sushi Sushi (only $11!), a fluffy baguette from Upper Crust or a fresh salad from Sumo Salad.

Affordable eats at Brisbane Airport extend beyond grab ‘n’ go.  For serious nourishment, make tracks to Forte Espresso for their bang-up beer and burger combo for just $20, or fly over to Aviation Pier Café  for a life-saving toastie and fruit smoothie.

But our personal fave is nabbing the tarmac facing couch at Glasshouse Bar. Their tender wagyu beef sliders are just $16, and if you stretch that $20 just a little further you can pair it with a schooner of local brew (rules are meant to be broken). Watch the planes take off and pray they’re not yours in between bites.

Final piece of advice? A naughty little detour to Krispy Kreme before boarding. Calories don’t count on holidays.

Pack your bags, print your boarding pass and keep an eye on the time: if you’re unlucky enough to miss your flight, at least you won’t go hungry.

Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who likes to spend an extra two hours at the airport, just for snacking.