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Actually good salads for summer

Proof you can make friends with salad.

The new year and the new resolutions start now. Eat a little better, quit snacking on hidden Magical Elves and stop drinking that damn rosé! Okay, that last one we were kidding about… 

If this summer you’re looking to commit to those goals you set out at New Years, but still love food and the thought of a bland salad just isn’t cutting the mustard, then never fret. We’ve rounded up the best salads around Brisbane we guarantee you’ll make friends with so you can be #Fitspo, stick to those goals, and not skimp on bags of flavour.

Sous vide salmon garden | Industry Beans 

Waves were definitely made when Industry Beans came up from Melbourne with not only their excellent coffee but also their inventive fare. You’ll be patting yourself on the back when you order the sous vide salmon garden which sees crispy samphire come together with wasabi greens, beetroot coral, edible sand, yuzu gel and dashi sea foam. See? Inventive! 

Papaya salad | sAme sAme 

Take your salad inspo from the east at sAme sAme where you’ll be eyeing up their salad offerings as equally as the rest of the menu. Keep it classic with their version of a papaya salad which includes charred pineapple, snake beans, heirloom tomato and of course lots of peanuts, chilli and mint. And the best thing? Every salad on their menu can be enjoyed as either a main or a cheeky side. 

House salads | Botanica 

Whether you’re a newbie to the salad game or have always been a lover of the lighter side then you’ll be well versed in Botanica’s goodies. Specialising only in salads (with a few cheeky sweet treats on offer) their small but mighty ever-rotating offering of salads have been satiating Brisbanites for years. From zesty carrots and quinoa with chickpeas and tangy dressing to their version of coleslaw, you can’t go wrong with any of their home-made delights.  But make sure to add a little brownie, go on, you deserve it. 

Brekky salad | Scout 

Scout is beloved for their epic bagel creations, but did you know they also have finger-licking good salads? Their brekky salad is kind of a big deal, with shredded kale topped with broccoli, pickled pear, hazelnuts, avocado, pomegranate, feta, pepita and a cheeky soft boiled egg. Now that’s a salad we can be BFFs with. 

Bunless | Yolk 

We get it, sometimes your brunch buddies won’t always want to go the healthiest option, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Yolk understand that all you want is a bacon and egg roll, but if you’re trying to be ~healthy~ go bunless where you can enjoy chilli scrambled eggs on refreshing papaya salad. Still outrageously tasty but a great alternative to a roll. Why not add a little chicken strip we mean, after all, protein is good, right?   

Taco bowl | Comuna Cantina

Controversial opinion, but sometimes a taco bowl slaps harder than actual tacos. No mess and no sauce running down your hands are just two of the benefits, just saying. The taco bowl at Comuna Cantina lays down the basics like ground beef, black beans, quinoa, chipotle aioli, salsa, guacamole and corn chips, and the rest is up to you. Bit of sour cream? Why not. Change your protein to fish? Sounds like a plan. What about cheese? You’re speaking our language. 

Vietnamese salad bowl | Miss Jones 

Everyone has a little bit of a soft spot for a vermicelli rice noodle bowl and now Mrs Jones, the café everyone also has a little bit of a soft spot for, is serving up their own variation. Keep it classic with vermicelli noodles, carrot, cucumber, wombok, bean sprouts and nuoc cham dressing, but make it your own by adding sticky Asian pork or go totally wild and add some haloumi. Can we call it fusion then?  

Spring harvest bowl | Nodo 

If you’re wanting to keep it light and fresh, then nodo’s spring harvest bowl is your ideal brunch buddy. Mixing charred greens with almond hummus, Australian quinoa, dukkah, salt baked baby beets, soft egg and kombucha verde, you’ll be getting your serve of daily greens whilst being totally bowled over by how tasting it is.  

See? Salads can be totally belter so 2020 is your year to get amongst it. 

Words by Nikki Shields
- the gourmand who is leafing bad salads in 2019.

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