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Acai-d of superfoods at Kokobana

Newmarket locals no longer have to traverse the suburbs to grab a luscious fresh juice or a tantalising berry bowl – they can breathe acai of relief with the opening of the Kokobana Superfood Café! Situated in the Reading Newmarket shopping complex, this health food haven is quickly proving to be worthy of our palates, wallets and Instagram likes. While limited to fresh juices, raw treats, organic coffee and some mouth-watering acai bowls at present, lettuce be the first to say their promise of healthy burgers and pizza in the imminent future will have you keen as a bean to return! Just because they’re a healthy café, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re missing out on your indulgent favourites – instead they come guilt free and with a side of extra nutrition. The smoothie board features the likes of chocolate peanut butter (with cacao and organic PB), the Salty Caramello (made on dates and Himalayan salt), coconut chai, and The Reviver (a shot of coffee with cacao and cinnamon), alongside crowd-pleasers like Mango Madness, Supergreens and Berrylicious. Had a big night out? You need their hangover cure – the combination of acai, endura rehydration formula, kale, kiwi and coconut water will have you bouncing out of bed and into the gym in no time. Their raw juices are music to a fitfoodie’s ears, like the Immune with carrot, orange, ginger and turmeric, the latest health-food flavour. But even us mere mortals with less tolerance for greenery can appreciate the brilliance of the combination of watermelon, pineapple, apple and mint, aptly named the Mint Condition. There’s also the option of creating your own from their huge range of fruit and veggies, so if you’re partial to mango but want to sneak some extra veggies in, just add some spinach and cucumber, and kale it a day. Their main attraction is undoubtedly their acai bowls, with indulgent flavours and generous servings without sickly sweetness, they’ll convince even the toughest of critics to give it a try. Their KK Bowl is the perfect introduction to the Brazilian berry, adorned with muesli, apple, kiwi, chia and strawberries. The Pink Pataya bowl with dragon fruit, mango, kiwi and chia is sure to gain popularity as our climate heats up, as is the refreshing Passions with passionfruit, apple and strawberries. However, The Nutter has already proven to be the favourite with the locals. A combination of acai, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, your choice of muesli, strawberries, banana, choc coyo and clean chocolate sauce, it tastes just like eating a jar of Nutella, without the guilt and with significantly more fruit. Open from 7:00am-4:00pm Monday to Saturday at 400 Newmarket Road, Newmarket, you’ll find proof that eating clean doesn’t mean eating boring, and health food with passion is always in fashion, at the Ko Ko, KokobanaWords by Kat Gridley