Abboud Bakery Underwood Now Open

Abboud Bakery: a bakery, a café, and a good cause

Abboud Bakery

It’s time to get out and Abboud for a wholesome bit of flatbread (with extra hummus, please).

Some good has just hit Underwood, with a duo of friendly neighbourhood blokes embracing their Middle Eastern culture to present new café-bakery hybrid, Abboud Bakery.

Toss your white bread to the side and line up for fragrant breads cooked in a traditional Middle Eastern cast iron oven all the way from Lebanon, ready to enjoy in a menu’s worth of ways at the fresh 50-seater joint.

Plane tickets? Not on this salary. Instead, take your tastebuds on a adventure with shakshuka (a baked egg dish) and manoosh (Lebanese pizza made from flatbread topped with za’atar cheese, veggies or meat).

If you’re feeling something lighter, sandwiches, falafel, dips and dessert (dessert is light, prove us wrong), will be waiting to become your new favourite bites on the block.

Just to make this deal even sweeter, Abboud Bakery is helping refugees make two kinds of dough, by solely hiring food-oriented migrants and refugees hailing from Syria.

Make your ways to the woods for a bite of the kind life.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who is 80% hummus, 20% hungry all the time.