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A vegan's guide to Fish Lane

Being vegan and spoilt for choice go hand in hand down Fish Lane.

Strolling through South Brisbane’s food and bev-focussed lane is a joy, with the friendly faces, smattering of artworks, whiffs of seasonal spices and the sound of cocktail shakers all waiting to greet you. 

Behind Fish Lane’s sensory playground are passionate restaurateurs who embrace good food (really good food), wine, and beer in all forms, with vegan offerings extending beyond salad, fries, and *sweet potato* fries.

Have a scroll before you take that stroll, as we lift the lid on vegan pleasures cooking this winter.

El Planta 

The newest addition to Fish Lane, El Planta boasts a dedicated Mexican street food menu. 

Down to the last drop of Holy Habanero hot sauce, everything is house-made (and plant-based… and moreish). The taco de chorizo is a standout dish, with vegan chorizo, pea and tomatillo salsa, white onion, coriander, and radish creating a burst of flavour with each bite. Or, if you’re craving a winter warmer, opt for the pork and bean stew. If there’s always room for dessert, end your experience with a spiced chocolate brownie, smothered in tequila salted caramel sauce. 


We thought loaded burgers that didn’t have you heaving after four bites only existed in our dreams—then in came Grassfed.

Your daily serve of veggies disguised as fast food couldn’t be more delicious, with seven BIG burgers to choose from, crunchy sides, soft-serve sundaes, and shakes. We’ll take the B.F.C (because it’s stacked with every necessary burg ingredient you could think of, plus curly fries), a side of onion rings with Grassfed’s special sauce, and a Cookie Wookie sundae, thanks. 

Wandering Cooks

Indie food courts are what we live for, and Wandering Cooks offers a space from which local artisan food producers, chefs, and suppliers can share their unique eats with eager foodies. Currently in rotation, you’ll find indie treats, Bond Street Eats, East by Middle East, The Cairo Eatery, Camille’s Kitchen, and Asador.

Your friendly dedicated vegan eatery is Bond Street Eats, although there’s at least one vegan dish behind each aforementioned name. Whether you’re sneaking off for a lunch of miso noodle broth from indie eats or banjan banari at East by Middle East, you won’t be disappointed. 


Have your (v) beer and drink it too. 

Saccharomyces’ vegetarian burger can easily go vegan, to include a vege patty, tofu, sauce, and salad on a toasted bun. As for vegan beer, there’s plenty of it! Burleigh Brewing, Epic and Black Hops are just a handful of options sans any animal products (if you want to research what booze is vegan-friendly before you go, head here).

Gelato Messina 

One of Australia’s renowned gelato joints, Gelato Messina is also known for sweet little scoops of sorbet. Alongside weekly specials, regular flavours include salted coconut and mango salsa, chocolate, and passionfruit sorbet. 

Bender’s Bar 

Each protein has its own burger at Bender’s, taking the stress out of choosing (and wondering if you’ve made the right call). The vegan burger strays from the usual go-to shroom, heroing harissa-roasted cauliflower with hummus, lettuce, and green tahini on a wholemeal bun. 

Chu the Phat 

Fall in love with tofu all over again, as Chu the Phat’s signature sauces sink into silky blocks. Think black bean sauce and spicy capsicum, sesame hoisin, and mushroom XO. 

Hello Please 

These friendly crowd-pleasers will happily tweak menu offerings to suit a vegan diet, although their already plant-based red dragon tofu with coconut, coriander and coconut yoghurt is all we need. 


Remember: Fish (Lane) are friends, not food. 

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Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who has a deep-seeded appreciation for plant-based meals.