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A vegan bakery just opened on the north side!

Vegans and dairy intolerant sweet tooths of Brisbane we’ve found your paradise. Over in Everton Park, a sugary, chocolate laden heaven has finally arrived – the highly anticipated Veganyumm! In just a few short weeks, this vegan Brisbane bakery has quickly joined the ranks of the ‘must do’ dessert destinations in Brisbane, with sweet treats so good you’ll be scratching your heads wondering how they made them without a milk bottle or egg carton in sight. Born out of the insatiable lust for Cinnayumm vegan scrolls who you may have been missing from your favourite markets in recent months, this charming bakery with an open plan kitchen will soon have you marvelling like Charlie in the (vegan) chocolate factory when you discover the unexpectedly indulgent cakeinspo within. veganyumm vegan bakery brisbane 2 On the menu is your usual bakery fare – cookies, slices, cupcakes, cakes and scrolls. But you’ve never seen them quite like this. Red velvet and death by chocolate cupcakes take centre stage, as do peanut butter choc chip cookie slices (yes you read that right), gluten free cakes and the infamous Cinnayumm scrolls with a variety of toppings. We dare you to resist a piece of one of their Instagram-worthy cakes, with a clear standout being the Ferrero Rocher, lovingly slathered with house made Nutella. They also have an all-day ‘breakfast’ option (we’ll give you a hint – it’s vegan waffles!). But if you only pick up one scrumptious treat (and we applaud your willpower), make it the black bean brownie, which served hot out of the oven will easily be one of the richest, thickest, luxurious brownies you’ve ever tasted! Wash it down with a red velvet latte chai or takeaway hot chocolate – all vegan too of course! Whether you’re cruelty-free or a culinary fiend, Veganyumm is your next dessert destination. You’ll find the vegan Brisbane bakery at 3/481 South Pine Road, Everton Park. Words by Kat Gridley