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A guide to Brisbane food in your hand: The Perch Project

We’ve all had those nights when we’ve had a craving for some delicious food (a really good burger is our secret addiction) and decided to wing it on the location, but had hanger pressure kick in and couldn’t figure out where to go. Well thanks to the new app from The Perch Project, you can say goodbye to those days, because they’re giving you all the dining choices you can handle, right at your fingertips. One for the social butterflies, foodies on a budget or diners who just want to know what’s going down around town, the Perch app keeps you up to date with all the best places to eat, drink and play (all with the G&G stamp of approval of course), so there is less time wasted in search of the perfect place, and more time to eat and drink yourselves silly. Hailed as being your own social calendar, Perch gives you all the choice in the world (well, just Brisbane, but you get the idea) with just a 10 second check. With inspiration for any time (lunch, play, drink, and dinner), from locally owned joints like Peasant, Archive, Gerards, Hatch & Co., Mighty Mighty, Alfred & Constance, Green Beacon Brewing, Kettle and Tin… let’s just say, they have the inside scoop on where’s hot, at any time of the day. They’ll tell you when and where to find bargain banquet feed, get a fast lunch on your work break and snazzy Saturday night cocktails – plus the breakfast to cure them the next day, with more venues being added all the time. Planning ahead? Just save ‘em to your stash and come back to them later! We know Perch has our back, and with their mission to be the resource people like us reach for, when they want mucho good times without spending mucho dinero, we know we are in good hands. #muchofoodo You can download the app for Apple or Play for free now. Words by Sheldon Hikaiti