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A giant BYO picnic is happening on the Sunshine Coast

It’s no secret that the mellow lil’ Sunny Coast is an unassuming dark horse when it comes to just casually slinging some of the best artisan produce Queensland (actually, make that Australia… maybe the world?) has to offer.

Not that we need one, but if there was ever an excuse to put together a basket (okay, esky) of all your fave Sunshine Coast eats and drinks, we’ve got it: Stage 1 of the shiny new Maroochydore City Centre officially opens to the public on Saturday 10 August, with a free People’s Day. All roads will all be closed, and after a day of working up a serious appetite running amuck around town exploring artwork, virtual reality tours, installations, treasure hunts and more, it’s time to roll out the rug and settle in front of the free concert for an epic BYO banquet.

Forget the Woolies potato salad, broken crackers and warm XXXX; when you’re celebrating the rejuvenation of one of the SC’s most iconic towns, it’d be rude not to splash out on the best local gourmet treats (right? Right.)

Instead, stop into Maroochydore’s Harvest Breads + Cafe for a couple of freshly-baked loaves and sweet treats, after doing a tiki-tour round to Maleny for handmade gourmet cheeses to go with. We’re partial to some honey drizzled on top of our cheese, which can be collected from organic local beekeepers Hum Honey–and what’s a picnic without olives, amirite? A quick stop at Fat Hen Farm is most definitely in order, where you can pick up olives, dukkah and tapenade, before heading back into town to grab fresh prawns from Maroochydore Fish Factory.

And to wash down this phenomenal feast? A couple of cold ones from Sunshine Coast Brewery, naturally, plus plenty of bottles from Montville’s beloved Flame Hill vineyard (just doing your bit for local Sunny Coast businesses, of course).

Dream eating day? Check. BRB, just off to buy an extra-large esky.

Words by Katie Stow
- the gourmet who’s never buying supermarket potato salad again