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A Champagne and Cheese Pop-up? Yes please! 

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Champagne and cheese – name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. While we’re waiting for an answer that cannot possibly exist, we might as well fill you in on a really gouda upcoming event.   Prepare to ignore your lactose intolerance yet again because the annual Portside Wharf Champagne & Cheese pop-up is back for 2018! And here we were thinking this year couldn’t get any feta. That sure showed us.  Over two delicious days in March, namely March 10 and 11, you’ll be able to pull up a picnic blanket or sit in a v. special pop-up lounge and soak up all the glory of fine cheese and on par booze.   This year’s pop-up is pairing with The Cheese Pleaser (hello signature apple and walnut chutney), Gusto da Gianni and Moët & Chandon, because sweet dreams are made of cheese.   You can expect nothing less than the finest French cheeses to go with your bae, Moët. We’re talking everything from Le Dauphin to Comte, and it doesn’t matter if you can’t say it, all that matters is that it’s tastier than a Frenchman riding a horse bareback through the countryside.   Of course, there will be live entertainment from rad local artists, but the real entertainment will be seeing what it’ll take to stop yourself eating your way through the day.   Hallou, is it mi you’re looking for? You’ll find mi at this pop-up, boyo.  Saturday 10 March: 12 noon to 6pm | Sunday 11 March: 12 noon to 5pm  More details.  Words by Nicole Portacha – the gourmet who would pop up for any cheese event.