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A Brisbane foodie ferry crawl

What’s new CityCat, woah-oh.

If you’re sick of ridin’ dirty on these city streets, it’s time for a sea change – or in this case, a river change.

We’ve taken to the water to lock down an unspeakably toight Brisbane foodie (and drinkie) ferry crawl perfect for any occasion.

Well, water you waiting for?

Byblos | Northshore Hamilton Ferry Terminal

Byblos? Go on then. No really, grab a “go on then” cocktail and share a trio of dips with your creepy crawlers (needs work), as you stare past the palm trees, deep into the sunset, wondering how many more stops you can handle before needing a nap (maybe a cheeky lil one here will do).

The Terrace at e’cco | Teneriffe Ferry Terminal

E’cco luxury, budget prices. The Terrace is e’cco’s relaxed outdoor dining space that, and you might want to sit down for this, offers $1 oysters for Happy Hour. For shucks sake, grab as many as you can and get back on the ferry before anyone notices that the weekend’s supply of oysters have mysteriously gone missing. Might want to bring a large scent-proof purse.

Il Molo | Bulimba Ferry Terminal

Nice and sweaty after your Terrace escape? Plant yourself under one of Il Molo’s fans and unwind with a glass of premium vino. If some of you are ready for dinner, by all means, tackle the market fish or potato gnocchi with pumpkin, sheeps milk yoghurt, thyme and brown butter. The rest of you might want to wait for what’s next…

Mary Mae’s | New Farm Park Ferry Terminal

Roll in on the river to Mary Mae’s for gorgeous views and Brisbane’s latest and greatest eats. Having recently replaced WATT, this refreshed Powerhouse space is proudly pumping out the likes of poutine, buttermilk fried chicken with toasted muffins, bbq sweet sauce, aioli, chili caramel and slaw, and French dip pork belly sandwich with soft onions, chips and gravy. Grab a Hippity Hoppin’ Mary cocktail before you skip on to the next stop.

Riverland | Riverside Ferry Terminal

Still with us? God speed. Riverland is Eagle Street Pier’s answer to a little bit of sipping and socialising made easy. With five individual kitchens, you can kick back with loaded fries, wings or calamari as you cradle a much-needed espresso martini to give you strength for the next stretch (praying to great Brown Snake might also help).

Munich Brauhaus | South Bank 3 Ferry Terminal

When in Germany… in Brisbane. No, you haven’t gotten sea madness, it’s Oktoberfest all year round at Munich Brauhaus. Chicken dance, prost and pork knuckle down as you near the end of your legendary ferry crawl.

The Walrus Club at Regatta Hotel | Regatta Ferry Terminal

The grand finale, the closing ceremony – you’ve made it. Crawl into the dark, underground confines of The Walrus Club, where you can sleep easy at this speakeasy. Finish your night of all nights with a signature cocktail and let the smooth jazz take you home (or an Uber, yes, that’s enough river running for today).

Aaaand don’t check your bank account…

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who is ferry tired.