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9 foodie apps you need in your life

Whether we’re Instagramming a meal, looking up our next meal (probably while eating) or trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, our smartphone is never usually far from our hand when we’re thinking about food. And despite discovering over and over again that food and tech just don’t mix (anyone know how to get camembert cheese out of a home button?), there’s a few apps that we couldn’t live our foodie life without. From ordering a coffee on the run to whipping up the perfect dessert, there’s an app for everything, and we promise you’ll app-rove of our faves.

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SKIP Slept in, forgot your wallet and just generally having one of those days? Let SKIP sort you out and get a coffee in your hand pronto, no cash or queuing needed. Place and pay for your order through the app, dash into your chosen café to pick it up when it’s ready and you’ll even get loyalty points! With cafes like Anouk, Pawpaw, Death Before Decaf, Foundry Records and Shutter & Brew already on board, you’ll never have to go without your morning latte again. Use our code, GOURMAND, for a free coffee when you download! The Perch Project Looking for a cheap feed, or just something to fill your weekly planner with that involves good food and booze? Just take a scroll through the Perch Project and your bound to find something that tickles your tastebuds. From Monday night deals to the most happening events in town, Perch has the lowdown on it all. BOPPL BOPPL is another app that’s making waiting in lines a thing of the past. Find a BOPPL venue near you on the app, place your order, pay through the app and they’ll notify you when it’s ready. You can even order the next round of drinks from your seat so you can avoid those never-ending bar lines! Neighbourflavour Ever wished that someone would cook you dinner and not make you do the washing up? Well that’s what Neighbourflavour is all about! Browse your neighbours’ kitchens to see what they’re cooking, chat to the cook if you have any questions and then organise a pick up or drop off time and dinner is served! Same goes for any kitchen whizz who finds it hard to cook for one: just take a snap and upload it and see who bites! Foodictionary This app is a traveller’s best friend. If your waiter doesn’t speak English and you can’t make out any of the words on the menu you can whip out your phone and find a translation, even if there is no internet access. So you know what you’re eating without having to awkwardly mime that you’re allergic to shellfish (don’t laugh, we speak from experience).

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Hippie Lane We’ll admit, we like to open up this app and just drool over it for a while, even when we’re nowhere near the kitchen. With endless recipes for sweet treats containing no sugar, dairy, eggs, nuts, or other processed nasties that result in something that still manages to taste amazing, you might actually want to make them instead of just look. Make it the raw Mars bars – seriously. Mixology Mixology can turn anyone into a bartender in no time with hundreds of cocktail recipes just a click away. You can even save yourself a trip to the bottle shop by typing in what you’ve got at home and getting a recipe that will turn it into something delicious! There are also handy bartending tricks and tips to have you looking like a pro in no time. Ask the Butcher If your skills with meat tend to lean more towards eating it than cooking it, this is the app for you. Ask the Butcher has features such as a meat cooking timer that is calculated using the type of meat, size and weight for perfectly tender pieces every time. There are also preparation suggestions, advice on which cuts best suit certain recipes and an actual ask the butcher feature for any other queries to help you up your dinner game. Epicurious Your recipe books will be relegated to the coffee table with this app in the palm of your hand. Not only does this app have inspired recipes with drool worthy pictures, but there’s also a cooking timer and tips on when to flip or how to tell if something is ready. Save all your favourite recipes in your recipe box as well as shopping lists so you’ll never get to the grocery store only to realise you’ve forgotten your list and wind up forgetting all the main ingredients. Now you have all the tools you need to eat and cook your way into a yummier 2016! Words by Kate Streader