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8 of the best not-wedding cakes to be found in Brisbane

September is wedding season, and as we RSVP to yet another wedding invitation, we can’t help but hope there’ll something a bit different to the traditional fruitcake covered in fondant for dessert. These days, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, you can have a cake that reflects you and all your sweet obsessions. So you have more time to taste test caterers, we’ve found a few options for unusual wedding cakes in Brisbane that will have you wanting to keep them all to yourself, no matter how tight that wedding dress/suit feels.
Cheese tower | Black Pearl Epicure
Who wants fruit cake when you can have cheese? Say ‘brie mine’ with a tower of cheddar, camembert and gorgozola from Black Pearl Epicure – they’ll even help you design it yourself!
Macaron tower | Marche du Macaron
The best thing about having a macaron tower wedding cake? You can totally keep it in the colour scheme but still have all the flavours in the world!
Cupcake tower | Fiori Bakehouse
So we’ve all seen a cupcake tower wedding cake, but have you seen a boozy cupcake tower wedding cake? Stack a few dozen of Fiori Bakehouses boozy cupcakes on a stand and say cheers with a shot of Baileys in your red velvet cupcakes!
Croquembouche | French Patisserie
Remember the croquembouche on that epic Master Chef episode? Well that tower of decadence could be yours, complete with cascading toffee sugar. not wedding cakes brisbane 2
Brownie tower | Cocoa Elf
You’d be rushing through your vows quick smart if you had a towering pyramid of fudgy chocolate brownies waiting for you at the reception.
Naked cake | Jocelyn’s Provisions
Jocelyn’s Provisions dense salted caramel and raspberry butter cakes are far too delicious looking to be covered by fondant, so get them naked, with a decadent layer of butter cream and fresh fruit on top.
Cake pops | Vanilla Pod
Some may say cake pops have gone out of fashion, but we say how could any form of cake go out of fashion? You can go quirky or classic with these perfect cake balls dipped in chocolate.
Doughnut tower | Nodo Donuts
Ok, now we’re getting a little crazy, but come one, who doesn’t want a doughnut tower at their wedding? Stick to one flavour or get them all, there’ll be no leftovers of this cake and bonus, it’s gluten free! I definitely do. Words by Ranyhyn Akui Image credit: Tux & Veil Photography