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8 cocktails to switch up your spritz drinking game

It’s a Friday night. You’ve just arrived to the same old home from the same old job in the same old car. You’re planning to go out with the same old friends to have a same old Aperol Spritz, but it’s time to put your foot down! It’s time to change things up a bit. No, you don’t need to quit your job and move into the mountains to learn to be a master of ‘the way’. You can go a little smaller. How about changing your drink order a little? To help you on your new and exciting journey, we’ve got a list of best variations of the Aperol Spitz in Brisbane. Go on, make that change!
Bushel Spritz | Sixteen Antlers | CBD
You’re going to be drinking sixteen cocktails at Sixteen Antlers once you get a taste of the Bushel Spitz. The cocktail mixes together Absolut, Ketel 1 Citroen, Chambord, lemon juice, mint and berries.
Rose Spritz #2 | Riverbar | CBD
Time to stop and smell the rosé? You can do just that with a Rosé Spritz #2 at the Riverbar, with Regal Rogue wild rosé, elderflower liqueur, lemon, thyme and soda blended into one seriously refreshing sip.
Lawrence of Arabia | Dutch Courage | Fortitude Valley
Transport yourself to the dessert with the Lawrence of Arabia cocktail – a blend of Tanqueray, Aperol, orange, passion fruit, and citrus. BYO camel.
Melon & Pear Spritz | Blackbird | CBD
Sometimes you just need to fly away from all your problems. Well, get ready to spread your wings with Blackbird’s Melon and Pear Spritz. The blend of tequila, pear liquor, honey drew melon, mint and honey water will take you to the clouds.
The Point Spritz | Eagles Nest | Kangaroo Point
If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail, you’ve got to have the eye of an eagle. That eye will point you right to The Point Spritz – a combination of Aperol, passion fruit and sparkling wine.
Strawberry Spritz | The London Club | Teneriffe
The bubbly and sweet Strawberry Spritz will make you say ‘hello, governor!’ to your Friday night at The London Club. Catch a double decker bus there and make it a real British experience.
Grapefruit and cucumber spritz | Otto | CBD
The grapefruit and cucumber spritz at Otto isn’t just good, it’s grape! Plus it’s got fruit and vegetables in it, so it’s healthy (if you ignore the Moscato and Campari).
Aperol Spritz ice blocks | The Apo | Fortitude Valley
Too hot even for cocktails? What about cocktail icy poles? The Apo has turned the classic Aperol Spritz into a frozen hit – the only problem will be trying to down it before it melts. Let’s get spritzy! Words by Kate Stevens