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7 things you need on your shopping list this January

Already over the leafy greens and brown rice you stocked up on for your annual January cleanse? There’s only one resolution you should make this year, and that’s to eat more local goodies! From friendly grocers who source the freshest produce to be found in South East Queensland to fermenting fellows who know just what will make you feel less sauer(kraut) about your January diet, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite local produce peeps who should definitely be on your shopping list this month.
  1. Figs | Milton Fruit Bowl
Never added figs to your Friday night cheese board before? Now’s the time to start, with these luscious fruits in season. Find a couple that are soft but not too squishy and find yourself a good vino and your next night in is sorted.
  1. Olive sourdough | Crust & Co
What’s better than fresh, soft sourdough slathered in butter? Crust & Co’s olive sourdough slathered in butter! This stuff won’t even make it to Saturday brunch, so you better buy a couple of loaves!
  1. Ruby sauerkraut | The Stinky Pantry
Who knew fermented red cabbage and beetroot could ever taste so good? Find it on the shelves at The Jam Pantry or Plenty and you’ll be spooning it on everything – olive sourdough included.
  1. Raspberries | Milton Fruit Bowl
Frozen raspberries are for the other three seasons of the year. In summer, get ‘em fresh and cheap to throw on breakfast, make darling desserts or eat them straight from the bowl.
  1. Cucumber basil soda syrup | BNE Soda Co
Skip your usual post-work gin and tonic and pick up a bottle of BNE Soda Co’s small batch soda syrups instead! These local boys have created a cucumber and basil syrup that will have downing a few more drinks than you intended.
  1. Haloumi | Olympus
We’ve been known to break down and cry when our local Olympus stockist has run out of haloumi – mornings just aren’t the same with some gooey grilled goodness on our avocado toast. Find out why we’re so addicted and get yourself a slab, stat.
  1. Green beans | Milton Fruit Bowl
It’s that time of year when we’re all cramming those greens in – how long it will last is another question. Perhaps fresh, crispy green beans will encourage you to keep at it at little longer, in season now! Don’t forget to take a green bag! Words by Ranyhyn Akui