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7 things you didn't know you could BBQ

As we venture further into October, the heat rises and the gravitational force that pulls all Aussies to the back deck grows stronger. The barbie’s on. The beers are cold. The steak is… well, steak. It is at this point when you ask yourself ‘is there anything more exciting to throw on the barbie other than prawns and snags?’ The answer is: yes. From dreamy desserts to funky fruits, there are all sorts of quirky recipes we found on the interweb that’ll blow your mind (but not your gas unit). See below for a few things we bet you didn’t know you could barbecue. Lemon Pound Cake | Kitchen Daily Kitchen Daily shows us how to take cake to the next level. After throwing the main ingredients of this (quite delicious) lemon pound cake together, place the pieces on the BBQ with slices of peach and lather it in whipped cream (yes please). Artichoke | Epicurious Snow White’s evil stepmother wasn’t the only one who wanted a tender heart – although, the one we’re talking about doesn’t belong to a princess. It belongs to a vegetable. And it almost melts in your mouth when you taste it. Lettuce | Fine Cooking Who voluntarily eats rabbit food – and enjoys it? You. Right now. Because this tasty, buttery goodness is heaven on a plate – even if it is just lettuce. Smothered in buttermilk, crème fraîche, mayonnaise and chives, you’ll be leaft wanting more. Banana | Taste of Home This is actually un-peel-ievable. Who knew that you could caramelise banana on the BBQ with succulent honey and rum? Well, we do now. And thank goodness we do. Let the banana brown slightly on the outside, leaving the exterior soft and gooey on the inside. Then dig in. Baby beets | All Recipes The humble beet was first cultivated by the Romans. Shortly after, they were seized by the Aussies and thrown violently into some of the best burgers the world has ever seen. But when they’re soft and juicy, and drizzled with balsamic, there is no need for the bun. On their own, these beets just became your best friend. Cheese wheel | Martha Stewart Do you know how close we came to being colonised by the French? Unfortunately they didn’t enjoy the landscape, and took their moustaches and baguettes back home. But can you imagine a world where – instead of cooking sausages on the barbie – we grilled luscious fromage instead? Mais oui. If you’re feeling adventurous (or just plain cheesy) paint one of these bad boys with olive oil, throw it on the barbie, then stick it into a freshly grilled baguette. Bon appetite. Watermelon | My Recipes Raw fruit is good for you. Cooked fruit tastes better (apple pie, anyone?). And with sweet ’n’ savoury balancing perfectly with this grilled watermelon, blue cheese and prosciutto recipe, you’ll be wanting to eat fruit with every meal. Not to mention, the recipe is super simple. The only thing that gets truly intense with this dish is the competition that follows – how far can you spit the watermelon seed? Onion? Mushrooms? Boring! Throw them to the side and let your BBQ really sizzle! Words by Julia Hulbert