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7 kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed until now

When we discovered Dreamfarm and their whizz-bang kitchen gadgets, we may have gotten a little bit overexcited and put their entire range on our Christmas wish list. Spoons that scrape, tongs and spoons that don’t leave sauce all over the kitchen bench and self-ejecting garlic presses? It’s like these geniuses spend hours in the kitchen solving every problem we ever had. And maybe they do – head out to this Dreamfarm’s store and design centre in Albion and you’ll find a couple of MacGyver wannabes tinkering away at dozens of useful gizmos out the back. We stopped by and wound up walking out with a few bags of gadgets designed to make life easier. They may make the best Christmas presents ever this year – or just find a home in our kitchen forever. We road tested a few of the clever gadgets in the G&G kitchen to make sure they were really as useful as they look and spoiler alert: they are. dreamfarm mashThe Smood Avocados can be slippery suckers. We’ll be trying to make guacamole with a fork and it’ll be slipping all over the bowl, out of the bowl, then you have to dirty a spoon to scoop it onto your nachos when it’s finally smooth – it’s just a traumatic experience all round, really. Enter: The Smood. It trapped the avocado in it’s steely grip, smooshed it into guacamole perfection, and then scraped it out of bowl and onto our waiting corn chips. More nachos. Less dishes. #winning The Garject And to think we’ve been wasting our time with one of those tiny graters our entire lives. Put your unpeeled garlic clove in the press, squeeze, open and wham, bam, thank you ma’am, crushed garlic is handily scraped into the pan for you, no garlic hands necessary. There’s even a lever to eject the peel straight into the trash – well, that is the idea. We applied a little too much force to said lever and wound up with garlic peel flying across the kitchen – but still! GENIUS. dreamfarm scizzaThe Scizza Look, who hasn’t completely failed to cut through a pizza crust with one of those silly roller cutters and just grabbed the kitchen shears to finish the job? This bad boy makes it a one step job – and doesn’t drag all the pepperoni with it. And it serves the pizza too! There may have been fights over who got to cut the pizza. No olives were harmed in the process. The Onpot Your yellow pumpkin curry is merrily bubbling away in the pot and it’s time for a quick taste test, you lift the lid and – panic! Where do you put the lid? It’s dripping everywhere, your fingers are burning from the handle and you resort to tossing it in the sink. Well guess what? None of that happened to us when we used an onpot – our lid hooked straight onto the side of a pot and dripped its mess straight into the pot. Nah nah. The Supoon We’re calling it – this is the world’s best cooking spoon. Are you ready for this? It measures. It scrapes. It stirs. It serves. And it sits on the bench without leaving yellow curry sauce all over the damn place. Our lives are changed. Our washing up pile is halved. Dreamfarm – we salute you. dreamfarm scoopLevups + Levoons When it comes to whipping up the perfect cupcakes, guestimating ingredients is not an option. It’s a science, and these measuring cups and spoons with a handy scraper to swipe off that extra flour and cocoa powder appealed to our inner perfectionists. A lot. The kitchen has never been so clean after a baking session – clearly levups inspire tidiness as well as provide accurate measurements. The Tapi Anyone else out there end up with every single glass from the cupboard on the sink by the end of the day because you get a new one out every time? Well have we got the solution for you! Slip this clever doodad on your tap and you have an instant drinking fountain every time you get parched. Maybe just practice squeezing it into the perfect funnel a few times before you try it though – spraying water at your face isn’t the best way to quench a thirst, as we discovered the first time. Ready for your kitchen habits to be irrevocably changed for the better? Dreamfarm is having a 20% off sale from November 27-30 both in store and online. Christmas presents for you, Christmas presents for Mum, some more for you… look just buy one of everything, you won’t regret it. You’ll find their store at 9 Amy Street, Albion, open Monday to Saturday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui