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7 international foods you have to try

If the closest you’ve ever gotten to sampling some exotic international fare is going out for sushi (avocado rolls aren’t even Japanese guys – they started in California for goodness saké), it’s about time you tried something new. And no, going out for some good old American burgers and BBQ doesn’t count either. So put on your adventurous stretchy pants and treat your tastebuds to something you’ve never heard of before, let alone tasted. And don’t worry, we’ve left the frog’s legs and haggis to the really adventurous types and rounded up some international fare you won’t believe you’ve been missing out on. Poutine | Canada | At Sixes & Sevens | Fortitude Valley Oh Canada! How could you have kept such a feast to yourself for so long? An epic pile of crisp golden fries, gravy and cheesy goodness, poutine is like the chips and gravy you used to get at the footy – only better. Best paired with a cold beer and dreams of a Canadian winter at Sixes and Sevens. Bibimbap | Korean | Bull Bar Restaurant | CBD Literally translating to ‘mixed rice,’ bibimbap is basically an Asian salad on steroids. Fresh and pickled vegetables are artfully arranged on warm rice and topped with spicy meats and a raw egg yolk. You can mix it all together or let your inner OCD take over and eat it separately – but we strongly suggest the former. Burrata | Italian | Il Posto | CBD Dedicated cheese addict? Then you really should have heard of this dairy-lightful Italian variation. Split open its soft shell of mozzarella and rich, buttery cream oozes out – whether you use a spoon on it or just lick the plate clean is up to you. Il Posto perches it atop fresh tomato, but we think it could go on just about anything. Okonomiyaki | Japanese | Mizu | Teneriffe Skip your usual buttermilk pancakes with ice cream for breakfast next weekend and get your hands on the savoury Japanese version. Somehow (with a little help from epic amounts of cheese and mayo) cabbage and flour combine to make grilled pancakes that taste like sheer heaven. You will become hooked. Om nom nom nom. Moussaka | Greece | Greek on Cav | Coorparoo No doubt you’ve had souvlaki and eaten mountainfulls of Greek honey puffs, but we can almost guarantee you haven’t discovered the delicious layers of moussaka. The cheesiest stack of eggplant, potato, mince and béchamel sauce you’ll ever eat, it could rival lasagna in its comfort giving properties. Hot pot | China | 100 Degree | New Farm Fried rice has a time and a place, but when it comes to branching out with your Friday night Chinese fare, a spicy hot pot is the way to go. Dip tender meats, vegetables and noodles into a flavoursome broth simmering away on a burner in front of you and prepare yourself for a taste explosion. Poke | Hawaii Alright, so you can’t find this one in Brisbane yet, but we’re sure it won’t be long. In the meantime, it’s a damn good excuse to go to Hawaii. A marinated raw fish salad with seaweed and onion. Possibly the new sushi, it’s definitely worth putting on your bucket list, Poke-ay? You’re favourite pad thai joint doesn’t sound particulary exotic now, does it? Words by Ranyhyn Akui